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How could this happen? Who failed? Why was Israel unprepared? How did intelligence miss this? Where is my family? How are they going to get my kidnapped relatives back?

These questions and others like them are being asked by Israelis and Israel supporters today. Answers will not be forthcoming quickly because the first priority is getting Hamas out of the country and ensuring it doesn’t expand to other terrorist organizations and countries. Once the military goals are met and the 100+ hostages taken by Hamas are repatriated, Israeli government agencies will start answering those questions. But remember that similar questions were asked about the Yom Kippur War 50 years ago and remain unanswered.

I believe and pray that Israel will win the war with Hamas. There are longer-term questions to be examined.

  • Israel has avoided wars in past years because her neighbors saw the IDF as unbeatable; after the conflict with Hamas over the past two days, the IDF now seems vulnerable. Do the Hamas victories at the beginning of this war encourage additional attacks against an IDF that doesn’t seem as strong as advertised?
  • Many of the hostages taken by Hamas are senior citizens and young children. Will the UN react?
  • How will other nations react? Past conflicts have seen an anti-terrorism message until Israel turns the corner and begins to dominate her invaders. That’s when their rhetoric switches sides. Will the UN or other world body recognize the inhumane slaughter perpetuated by the Hamas terrorists?
  • Some rockets have been sent from the north. Is Hezbollah going to add another front?
  • Many have said, “Of course, Iran is controlling this terrorist invasion.” While that is not a foreign thought, it hasn’t been proven publicly.
  • President Biden has been very pro-Israel since this war began; his speech, moving a warship toward Israel and a promise of additional military aid. But the question raised is, will President Biden return to his  “love affair” with Iran after Israel wins the war?

Once Israel defeats Hamas, only then can the Jewish State take the time to discover the answers to these and other questions.



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