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I remember seeing the 1957 movie WAR OF THE WORLDS when I was young.  A particular scene has stayed with me all these years.  The alien ships are landing and forming-up.  The General and the Scientist are watching, one with incredulity, the other with intense interest.  Here is the classic, unforgettable dialog (so memorable that it is still readily accessible online as famous dialogue from the movie).

GENERAL MANN:  Pattern-wise, one lands, then two, making groups of threes joined magnetically.  Is that possible?

DOCTOR CLAYTON FORRESTER:  If they do it, it is.

The General, relying on his own knowledge and experience, in spite of the evidence before him, disbelieves that their tactic is possible.  The Scientist, seeing that it is, realizes, in spite of his own knowledge and experience, that yes, it is possible.

I imagine, based on his article ”Questioning Creationism” on iPatriot, that Dale Netherton would be inclined to identify with General Mann (read: Man, in general) rather than Dr. Forrester.

What this famous scene was saying is that the default position of man in general is to think “If I don’t understand it, it’s not possible.”

The open-minded (but not empty-headed) attitude is to realize that there are many things out there that I do not understand, but nevertheless are.

I believe that Netherton’s long list of ‘just-not-possibles’ re God and creation falls under the default “Man in general” heading:

“I don’t understand it.” “It can’t be done.” “It doesn’t make sense.” “It’s just not possible that God did this or that.”

If He did it, it is.

And if He didn’t, we are left with Darwinian evolution as the explanation of us; beginning with inanimate matter evolving to life. (“Space aliens did it” just pushes the alternatives off-planet.)

Fear not. I am not going to subject you to yet another point-by-point creation vs. evolution debate.

But I am going to press upon you one as yet little-known (i.e. suppressed) fact.

Darwin as MonkeyHad it ever happened, Darwinian evolution would have left a DNA trail behind: the DNA of a frog would be close to that of a fish; that of a reptile further away; that of a mammal, say a mouse, still further away and so on up the alleged evolutionary line through the apes to man.

But the evolutionary DNA trail is not there. The DNA of a frog, and that of all the other critters mentioned, is as different from that of a fish as is man’s! (Original source: Dayhoff Atlas of Protein Sequence and Structure) The conclusion is clear.

The DNA trail is not there. The alleged Darwinian evolution never happened. (Modern biochemical research has come up with many more anti-evolutionary findings, but I promised I wouldn’t subject you to another point-by-point debate.)

One thing I do find surprising in Netherton’s article is that 34% (!) of college graduates believe the biblical account of creation. (I had no idea. Forty years in academia -although most of it in California – and I’d seen little evidence of it.)

These young people have been saturated with evolution, from the time they were toddlers watching “The Land Before Time” on TV, on through virtually every college education on the planet.

How have a third of these graduates survived this onslaught? I guess the bible is true: God has written the truth on our hearts.


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