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That’s what politicians on both sides want to do. Most of them, anyway. Obama says, “You didn’t build that,” because somebody else taught you how to do it. But they taught OTHER PEOPLE how to do it, too, and they didn’t do it. You did. Therefore, YOU did that. The people you learned how to do it from didn’t do it, YOU did. They want to “tax the rich.” Because the rich have more money than the rest of us. Of course, that’s because the rich “DID THAT,” and others BUY from them. They keep talking about “making the rich pay their fair share” of taxes. As if they didn’t already pay MORE than “their fair share” of taxes. Truth is, 86% of ALL TAXES paid are paid by the top 25% of income earners.

The top 50% pay 97% of all income taxes paid. This, according to the tax information released by the IRS itself, on the last year of taxes paid. Liberals (and some conservatives) don”t want to talk about that. In sports, they’re promoting the idea of giving ALL PARTICIPANTS a trophy, just for SHOWING UP, while refusing to separate the WINNERS from the rest, “so they won’t make them feel bad.” Can you imagine having an auto race without a winner? What would be the purpose? A bunch or expensive cars running around a race track just for fun? With nobody ending up FIRST? So the other drivers won’t get their precious feelings hurt? It’s absurd! The whole idea of ANY sports event is to find out who is BEST at whatever that sport is. To refuse to name a winner is damned foolishness. But liberals are that damned foolish.

But that’s what they’re pushing, today. To “keep from making anybody feel bad.” They are just about successful in raising the minimum wage for people with NO TALENT to pay them a lot more than they’re worth. The minimum wage is intended to allow businesses to hire people just entering the work force and TEACH THEM how to qualify to earn more. The minimum wage is not intended for “working families.” It’s intended for kids, just out of school, to make some money while they’re LEARNING how to be worth more. Kids, who still live at home and have very few financial obligations (except for those who buy the FICTION that a college education is necessary for everybody so they should go into debt for their entire life to go).

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