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The words Public Servants are a laugh and when I hear someone using it, it tells me how stupid they are.

Politicians have become businessmen with the power to give themselves raises, have the best benefits that your money can buy and a retirement program that most Americans must work a lifetime for a much lesser amount but politicians get full benefits after three years of being in office. On top of that they become executives on the boards of American Corporations after leaving office. They get millions of dollars with stock options as a payoff for the favors they did in Congress.

If Politicians were public servants our Government would be more honest with less corruption. We are represented by congressional pimps who have us screwed by the highest bidder. A limit of two terms with benefits and a supplement amount to add to their out of office retirement fund would more than fair to a real public servant.

It seems that any American would want to serve his or her country just as our young Americans serve risking their lives in the military for small wages and hardships that the public sector will never experience. Anyone with a right mind would agree that congress would work together to accomplish leaving behind a better and greater America if they have served a limited term. A man is noted for greatness when he does great things for others.

Those who are remembered by name instead of political party will be rewarded greater than any man could bestow.

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