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The spectacle of crazed women (some claiming to be “survivors”) chanting “shame, shame, shame, …” and “look at me, look at me, look at me…” strongly suggests that these “women” are paid puppets posing as protestors.

Throughout the long confirmation hearing process for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, we have seen far too much incivility by hired protestors acting as agents of the “Progressive” Left. This behavior is symptomatic of a country divided between actual adults and those whose age might qualify them as “adults” but whose behavior is apparently arrested somewhere between pre-school and age 8.

Mindlessly chanting “shame, shame, shame…” and “look at me, look at me, look at me…” would be fine were it at a time and place where it did not infringe on the right of others to engage in normal activities free of the incivility of childish tantrums thrown by arrested-development adults who didn’t get their way.

“Their way” meaning, they couldn’t dictate to the U.S. Senate how it should act on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill a Supreme Court vacancy.

It’s hard to comprehend what goes on in the mind of a pouting, sneering Progressive Leftist feminist, if, indeed, there is anything “going on” that exceeds the reasoning capacity of a rock. Their childish disruptive tantrums serve only to put off those they are trying to influence.

The paid professional puppets were so effective in rallying people to the support of Judge Kavanaugh that we shouldn’t be too hard on them. If they could actually think for themselves at least once, they might try thinking twice about pulling the same stunts in the future. It doesn’t achieve its desired end.

“The end justifies the means” only works if the “means” are carefully thought out. Childish tantrums rarely do more than annoy.

As far as the Kavanaugh confirmation goes, these infantile tantrums did serve one very crucial and useful purpose. A week ago Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) was verbally assaulted in an elevator by a few of these puppets who screeched at him while claiming they were “survivors” suggesting he had no right to vote for Judge Kavanaugh because of an apparently fabricated story by a seriously-challenged Democrat activist who seems to have fabricated an incident involving Judge Kavanaugh 36 years ago when they were both minor teenagers attending separate private high schools.

This story alleged an incident on an unknown date, at an unknown place, for which the poor woman could not remember how (as a 15-year old) she got to that place, who provided the transportation, nor how she left and who provided that transportation. She further claimed she could basically remember two things. One, that she drank a single beer. The other, that she was sexually assaulted by the teenage Kavanaugh with the assistance of his friend, but that they were too inebriated to successfully accomplish their goal.

That fantasy prompted two more publicity-seekers to come forth with their own stories, each one more absurd than the previous.

Two of the women named people who would corroborate her story. Not one of the people named could either corroborate or even recall anything like what was claimed by their stories.

Senators were told highly suspicious stories for which no corroboration existed, for incidents that were said to have occurred between 31 and 36 years ago, and for which no person who knew either the accusers or Judge Kavanaugh could be found who remembered anything remotely similar to the alleged acts. Ford’s story was full of holes and inconsistencies. Many dozens of friends of Kavanaugh when they were teenagers, most of them women, stated unequivocally that the Brett Kavanaugh they knew was incapable of the actions alleged.

After hearings had closed and a vote to send the confirmation to the full Senate was pending, the Republican leadership announced a one-day extension to hear from both Kavanaugh and his accuser. At the end of that hearing, Progressive Left Senators, in lockstep, demanded a further delay to allow an FBI investigation to be conducted, even though the FBI has no authority to investigate such allegations. At that time, it would have been prudent for the Republicans to grant a maximum of one week for the FBI to confirm whether any evidence existed to suggest any of the stories had merit. However, sickened by the deliberate delaying tactic of Progressive Left Senators (all of them), Republicans said “enough is enough” and the hearing ended as the committee took a break prior to voting to send the confirmation to the full Senate.

It was then that Sen. Flake, a Judiciary Committee member, was verbally assaulted in an elevator by several of these puppets, at least one claiming to be a “survivor” while yelling in his face berating him and blocking his exit from the elevator. This prompted Sen. Flake to hinge his vote on sending the confirmation to the full Senate floor on the committee agreeing to a limited up to seven day FBI investigation of the allegations. Many chastised Sen. Flake for agreeing to this delay, but his appeal was reasoned and, as it turned out, fruitful. Within a week, the FBI, having put hundreds of agents to work tracking down any corroboration, was unable to find a single shred of corroborative evidence to support any of the allegations.

This turn of events clarified two things for many people across the country: (1) the stories were probably not true and most likely just another despicable Democrat tactic designed to motivate either Judge Kavanaugh or President Trump to abandon the confirmation, and (2) even after a thorough intensive investigation, the FBI could not find a single shred of evidence to suggest any of the stories were more than fabrications.

Had Sen. Flake not insisted on the time-limited investigation, public support for Kavanaugh would have been diminished. Instead, it was bolstered, as were the election fortunes of Republicans during the mid-term election next month.

For normal people, that would be the end of it. But not for the Progressive Left or their puppets. After voting Friday to end debate and vote on the confirmation Saturday afternoon, several of the “fence-sitting” senators announced how they would vote.

Three of the four announced they would vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to fill the Supreme Court vacancy. Those votes should be sufficient to allow Justice Kavanaugh to take his seat on the Supreme Court with only a one-week delay.

When Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), the only Democrat who has announced his support for Kavanaugh, attempted to met with reporters to explain his decision, the conversation was drowned out by a handful of puppets mindlessly chanting “shame, shame, shame…” and “look at me, look at me, look at me…” to deliberately prevent any meaningful discussion from taking place.

A few observations. Why were these uncivil infantile children allowed to infringe on the right of Senator Manchin and the press to engage in a conversation? Where were the police? It’s one thing to put up with Progressive Left senators behaving as children during the Senate hearings, but to have people verbally assaulted by a pack of roving mindless arrested-development non-adults is not a standard that will foster civility and unity in the nation as a whole. Neither does such behavior do anything for the reputation of authorities who are expected to maintain the area free of such childish tantrums and verbal assaults.

The one thing that is perhaps the best weapon in the battle against the Progressive Left and their determination to destroy our Constitutional Republic is the monumental hubris of the Progressive Left. They live in their own world, a world where their fiction is the truth, their ends noble, and those who are not in 100% agreement with them are evil.

Fortunately, those living in the real world can clearly see the dysfunctional Progressive Left, exposed by their own unmitigated hubris. The chanting sloganeering puppets are just annoying affirmations of how dismal life would be under a government run by the Progressive Left (see Venezuela).

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