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Possible charges of harassment and intimidation aid voter fraud. Courts have ruled you have to catch the person in the act of voting. There is no proof once all of the ballots are mixed.

A picture is only a start, and not hard to obtain in today’[s society. Driver license,, memberships, student and employee ID, those presented for medical care, passports, and some state agency They are not a cure all

What is wrong with p-urging people who have missed two presidential elections? It should delete the deceased and those who moved. It will affect bond elections where a certain turnout is mandatory for passing. Voting registrations often just go uncanceled on a move. Voting more than once is illegal, registrations can be endless. What would be the cost of keeping track of all death certificate? Reading of obituaries would be a start, but watch out for similar names, Sr. Jr and numbers.

Voting absentee is legal, it is needed for the military and those who are not living at their normal residence. Some say students should vote where their parents live, not on campus. The outcome will be different if the campus is half the population, Did the student not vote, vote once or twice?

Fraud at the precinct level is one thing, on the registration form is something else. Citizenship, age and criminal record can’t be overlooked. Illegals, refugee, other non-citizens and ID thieves is where fraud can occur wi an impact.

I am old enough to remember the 1960 election. A community organization called ACORN was closed down for fraud. Did they just change their name? There was a fraud question with some attorneys from the Department of Justice. I remember Seattle but there could be more, a U.S. Semite seat and governor race were in question. Fraud in the state can affect congress.

We don’t know if the illegals, refugees, and others that have entered the country since 1996 voted. Is there a correlation with false tax returns and theft of ID? It was about 1996 when motor voter was enacted.

California provided most of the popular vote MARGIN, for Hillary. What California did as to drivers license and other benefits raises question. Gov. McAuliffe released some criminals. Voter fraud ring was broken in Indiana. A Virginia resident was caught with multiple registrations.. In other states and election, did the fraud just come up short?

Do you have proof your ballot was counted and bot lost in the system? Did someone fill in the postilions you left blank? Fraud can occur as the vote is being counted.


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