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Most Americans have know for years that Hillary and Obama lied about the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three patriots in order to ensure Obama’s reelection (and Hillary’s future candidacy). Now we have proof. The House Committee on Benghazi, after years of Obama withholding subpoenaed records has made their shocking findings public.

Following an intensive two year investigation, which included interviewing over 100 witnesses who had not been allowed by the Administration to testify before, the results are indisputable: 1) Obama and Hillary refused to allow the military to attempt a rescue. 2) They lied to America and the families of the dead when they claimed a cartoon video caused the deaths. 3) They continued the cover-up, including threatening and intimidating witnesses since 2012.

Why the massive conspiracy and cover-up? Obama’s re-election vote was due to take place 46 days after the 9-11-2012 terrorist attack. Obama had campaigned on the lie that he had terrorism under control. This was his election campaign slogan: “General Motors is alive, bin Laden is dead, and al Qaeda is on the run.”

How could Obama and Hillary admit that they had turned down dozens of requests for additional security by the American Embassy staff? How could they explain why, when things got so dangerous that Britain and other Western Embassies evacuated their staff, they ordered our people to stay and risk their lives?

They couldn’t. So they made up the myth about the video causing a spontaneous group of protesters to become violent and attack the Ambassador. What spontaneous group of protesters arrives at the party armed with rocket-propelled grenades and detailed plans of where the Ambassador’s safe room was located in the facility?

The most interesting (and damning) discovery regarding Hillary is that an hour AFTER she announced to the world that the cartoon video caused the Benghazi disaster, she sent an email to her daughter Chelsea stating that Jihadi terrorists had killed the four Americans. (No wonder she fought so hard to hide her emails. And the next day, while continuing to lie to the public and the families of the dead, she told the president of Egypt that it had been confirmed that Islamic terrorists had made the 9-11 attack, and that the video had nothing to do with it.

I’m going to go with Trump on this, and call her “Lyin’ Hillary.”


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