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By Jeff Davidson,

Unknown to most people today, in 1932 and 1933 The New York Times deliberately buried the earth-shattering story called the “Terror-Famine” which astoundingly killed at least 3.9 million but possibly as many as 7.0 million Ukrainians. This was equal to one out of every eight people, and possibly as much as one out of every four people.

Times editors were abundantly aware that the famine was orchestrated by Joseph Stalin who confiscated household food items, disallowed outside food and aid shipments, and restricted the movement of Ukrainian citizens.

Why would Stalin do this to the Soviet region called “the world’s breadbasket”? He wished to punish independence-minded Ukrainians, vanquish Ukraine’s small farms in favor of Soviet state-run collectives, and quash anybody who even mildly represented a threat to his totalitarian government. Stalin lost no sleep over the legions of emaciated bodies, near death, scratching for any morsel of food they could find.

‘Mainstream’ Manipulation

How, indeed, could The New York Times bury this world-shaking, heart-wrenching development? Back then, as today, the Times’ leftist views were so all-encompassing and so intense that they could not help themselves. And their manipulation of major events — assassinations, wars, social movements, legal trials, labor movements, economics, recessions, panics, rebellions, revolutions, elections, government spending — began many, many decades before Stalin’s Terror-Famine.

The brutal truth for far more than a century is that they have no concern, whatsoever, who is obliterated as long as socialist/Marxist/communist ideology prevails around the world. The reality of our existence is that the Times and other heavily left-leaning ‘news’ organizations which comprise the highly biased ‘mainstream media,’ dominate the airwaves, print media, and e-communications.

One hundred years from now, in 2123, is it practical to believe that the gaslighting which the mainstream media has perfected, on America and on free nations around the world, will no longer dominate?

By some form of providence, can their maniacal ideology conclusively be exposed, perhaps by some new form of information dissemination or by some cataclysmic change in media coverage?

Who Do that Voodoo?

Just how biased and detrimental their warped news coverage has been to humanity is difficult to fathom. For more than century, when you extol socialist, Marxist, or communist regimes, do you help anybody on Earth?

The mainstream press has retained a news and information monopoly for so long, and has proceeded so adroitly, that their facade is not even remotely comprehended by the great masses under its spell, and bitterly denounced by those who understand the dark ministrations of the mainstream press. In the long run, truth generally prevails, but we in the know could all be dead before then.

Even to this day, after seven years of attempting to prove it, not a shred of evidence indicates that Donald Trump, his administration, or his campaign colluded in anyway with Russia. Indeed, the truth is that Hillary Clinton and the FBI are the conspirators. Still, you have Adam Schiff and all the other dolts in Congress who continue to spew lies. They play the ‘talking head’ game with sympathetic hosts and continue the guise, holding sway over those who don’t know how to find out the truth.

Madness Unbound

The death grip that the Left and the mainstream media has on humanity leads makes one wonder: Before the mass communications has there always been a dark source that enforced its will upon the unwitting masses? We know that dictators and other rulers have long imposed their version of the truth on their people. Still, in societies where information was somewhat freely exchanged, has there always been a faction that sought to slant reality and, subsequently, the will of others? It seems likely.

Today, unhappily, roughly half of the United States and roughly half of the globe are subject to Leftist manipulation. Despite all the information sources that exist today, why does so much of the world still fall for manufactured and manipulated news?

How can people keep tuning in to CNN or MSNBC, or for that matter the nightly news on ABC, NBC, or CBS? How many times does CBS have to be caught red-handed doctoring the news, slanting stories on 60 Minutes,  laying traps for people like Governor Ron DeSantis, only to be exposed? And then, within a matter of days, CBS, having learned nothing, reverts right back to more of their insidious ways of presenting information?

Lies on Top of Lies

How often can The New York Times offer lies that its editors knew were untrue at the time, and yet its readership is unfazed? How can The New York Times continue to be regarded by many as the ‘newspaper of record,’ offering ‘all the news that’s fit to print’? What tidal wave of human understanding needs to occur before we universally recognize highly biased reporting sources for what they are?

In the United Kingdom, major news publications openly advocate a position, left or right, and don’t play pretend. News consumers understand the bias that each media outlet or newspaper maintains, can read articles, and judge them accordingly.

In the U.S. however, the mainstream press continues to perpetuate the lie that they offer an objective, balanced view of what’s happening in the world. Unfortunately, enough fools shallow the garbage that they offer, hook, line, and sinker.

Jeff Davidson is “The Work-Life Balance Expert®” and the premier thought leader on work-life balance, integration, and harmony. Jeff speaks to organizations that seek to enhance their overall productivity by improving the effectiveness of their people. He is the author of Breathing Space, Simpler Living, Dial it Down, and Everyday Project Management.


Jeff Davidson


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