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What Do Progressive Democrats Believe?

Progressive Democrat beliefs have taken a century to fully develop, reaching a maturity of ideas and attitudes today that must be understood and confronted.   Progressive Democrat  beliefs include:

Faith: In a recent Pew study, 28% of Democrats report that they are non- believers.  Millions are self-professed atheists or agnostics.  Per the study, 16% of Democrats are evangelical Christians, compared to 38% of Republicans.  At two recent national conventions, some Progressives mocked the prayer invocations and/or opposed any references to God in the party platform.  Progressives believe in hashtags and mantras like black lives matter, will mock and ridicule the Judeo-Christian belief in the power of prayer. Coupled with a growing rejection of faith and Christianity, Progressive Democrats also reject capitalism, advocating various forms of socialism, regulation and government control with restraints on the free marketplace.   Progressives place their faith in government, the source of all rights of the people and solutions for social issues.

With regard to personal conduct, Progressives reject moral judgement and embrace moral equivalence.  Nothing is right or wrong, deserving of condemnation or shame.  So Radical Islam or slaughter of innocents cannot be condemned because to do so is judgmental.  But political correctness can be enforced, imposing specific views on others, demanding compliance and imposing consequences.

Progressives are major supporters of secularism, determined to drive the free expression of faith from the public square.  They actively oppose prayer in public places, advocate removal of “In God We Trust” from our currency, want references to the Judeo-Christian heritage of America expunged from the record.   And want enforcement of the LGBT agenda, even at the cost of freedom of conscience rights of our citizens.

Progressives are engaged in an all-out assault on Judeo-Christian faith and capitalism, the two core beliefs of the foundation of our country, America.  What happens when our nation loses faith in its core beliefs?  Look at the state of our country today, facing economic and cultural decline.   This is what happens!  We are at great risk of losing the idea of America.

Universalism: all nations and cultures are equivalent, no one nation is unique or exceptional.  Progressives do not believe in America, but believe instead in “humanity,” willing to support and submit to world government, world courts, international armies, global economic arbitration, and surrender of our national sovereignty.  They reject the notion of allies and enemies, will traffic with any country without conditions, will enter into agreements that are detrimental to national security (Iran treaty), the economy (TPP treaty) support open borders practices, allowing anyone into the country because we are all just people. For Progressives, Internationalism is the highest form of patriotism.    Universalism is the opposite of American patriotism.

Social Justice: Progressives believe that social justice, which advocates the use of the powers of government to enforce equality to bring about equal results, is superior to capitalism.  A social justice agenda requires a rejection of the belief in individual self-responsibility and personal freedom to pursue opportunity in a free market.  Social justice, with its goal of universal equality, is a rejection of economic liberty.  Social justice is not a benign form of liberation; it is a redistribution of assets that are the product of hard work on the part of others.  Demand for policies to “fix” income inequality (phrase invented by Karl Marx) is the opposite of respect for education, hard work and personal achievement.


Americans and conservatives believe that the God given rights recognized in the US Constitution to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness cannot be diminished by the powers of government.   We love our families and our country, and believe that both are exceptional and deserving of our special loyalty.   Many Americans reject the Progressive belief system regarding faith, universalism and social justice.  Pro-active steps for all those who love America and its core beliefs in life, liberty, and personal freedom include:

Faith: Defend religious freedom from the powers of government, oppose moral equivalence,  support freedom of conscience rights versus government suppression, advocate free expression of faith in the public square, oppose political correctness,

Universalism: Promote American values and interests globally, defend the nation’s borders, support property rights and restoration of state versus federal rights, support the downsizing of federal government, oppose the globalization of American government, reject international agreements that fail to protect or advance American interests,

Social Justice: Promote free enterprise, capitalism, education reforms such as school choice and end of Common Core, oppose ideas designed to achieve equality of results regardless of social costs or rights of the people, advocate private sector solutions for issues we face as a nation, and promote economic freedom from government.

We have work to do!   Let’s roll!



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