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Freedom of Speech Destroyed in Marxist Canada!  President Trump Supporting Americans Not Welcome in Canada!”

A Canadian music festival abruptly canceled a performance by Pro-Trump American singer Michael Graves!

The “Up and Downtown” music festival in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, canceled the American for promoting “conspiracy theories” and “extreme right-wing views.”

Michael Graves, slated to perform at The Temple Nightclub on October 6, was accused of posting a long list of “controversial” links on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and his own blog.

“We found stories asking if feminism is a cancer, supporting Alex Jones and Infowars, supporting Donald Trump…”

George Soros never sleeps. It seems when Trudeau isn’t dining with his puppet master, Soros, he’s having a snack with Obama. The hardcore Soros-approved Marxist NDP party in Alberta smiles at the humiliated American merely expressing his views.  The Red on Canada’s national flag is revealing.

“It was a pretty quick decision,” said the festival director, Brent Oliver. “Supporting Alex Jones, supporting Donald Trump, supporting basically backward ideas antithetical to what we believe as a non-profit music festival.”

Note Oliver did not courteously refer to America’s brilliant leader as President Trump, but discourteously in a denigrating way as just “Donald Trump.”

From New Jersey, the humiliated American musician Michael Graves sang for a well-known band in the 1990s and has since released several solo albums of hard rock.

While Vigileaks may not find some of his music the most attractive, the music of Michael Graves was not the issue here. The issue is that American singer Michael Graves was punished and humiliated by Marxist Canadians for his “backward ideas” of supporting Alex Jones and Infowars, and for supporting our beloved President Donald Trump, the greatest President America has ever seen!

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