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When did Wilson County, Tennessee become Communist China?

Private property rights in Wilson County, Tennessee, as well as many other counties throughout the state of Tennessee, are being infringed and abused by the local and state government. Private property owners that have chosen to buy private homes, real estate within the county of Wilson; these property owners chose property out in the county, Wilson County, Tennessee, for a personal reason! They chose to live outside the city limits, cities like  Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, Watertown and others located within Wilson County, Tennessee.

Buying real estate is a major event, as well as, the most expensive purchase in one’s lifetime. Buying a home is not only expensive, it is a decisive event that bears no room for mistakes. When a person or couple, or an individual, decides to buy a home, the decision must be made as to where to buy, what the cost will be, and most important, WHERE the home will be located! Many people make the decision to buy a home and property inside the city limits of the city of their choice. Consequently, there will be ordinances, extra taxes such as property taxes, higher license plates and insurance. Many first time home buyers fail to make inquiries regarding the property values, property taxes, as will as what kind of neighbors they will encounter. Some neighbors can be a nightmare, It’s a well-known fact in today’s society, living within the city limits has its advantages such as less travel time/miles to their employment, schools, more convenient shopping, restaurants , etc.

Many people in today’s society, choose the alternative, buying outside the city limits  in the county. The advantages of buying a home, real estate in the county ,are numerous, less taxes, less crime, more privacy, unfortunately, there are counties that have politicians and other County employees that in most circumstances, overreach their authority. By the term, ” Overreach,” I am referring to private property owners property rights, as set forth by the framers of the Constitution of our beloved United States. Private property owners, owners of private homes have rights that forebears most of the intrusive behavior occurring within Wilson County, Tennessee. This County has a person known as the County Mayor, (Why does a county need a MAYOR?) as well as, a County property inspector! These people take it upon themselves to write laws and rules pertaining to private property/homeowners rights and then propose to enforce these illegal laws and rules upon the homeowner. In a court of law, there could and should be a case brought about that would rescind these so-called laws and rules on private property homeowners in Wilson County, Tennessee. It is time for the homeowner, private property owners to stand up and stop this intrusive and illegal action! ! WE DO NOT LIVE IN IRAN OR CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!1

The Homeowner, and how the homeowner uses his property is not these people’s concern. The framers of the Constitution set forth guidelines by which local authorities, politicians, and elective individuals must abide! The federal government is very limited to intervention into the rights of private property homeowners, therefore, local politicians and property inspectors have no right to trespass upon the private homeowners property with the exception being; criminal acts and criminal activity purportedly has been and is taking place upon said property. Private residences, private homeowners property will not be trespassed upon without permission from said property owner or without a legal warrant issued by a judge!

Wilson County Tennessee, where the property inspector practices the, “Don’t ask, just act,” mentality whereby he takes it upon himself to trespass on private property, inspecting the private property owners personal property without property owners permission or without a court issued warrant. When and if this property inspector finds said private property is not up to his standards and to his liking, a letter from the property inspector’s office, located in the county seat, Lebanon, Tennessee, is mailed to the private property owner stating the property is in violation and this is a letter of warning that said property must come up to the property inspectors guidelines or further action will be taken. Hell, did I just wake up in Cuba!?



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