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The Renationalization of the American and Israeli Elite”

The Denationalization of the American elite has been underway for some time. Will the Trump “water filter” purify the swamp by renationalizing the American elite? A major focus must be on restoring the Middle Class to all its functional glory and power! For if President Trump leaves office without doing so, all his other noble efforts will have been in vain.

Why? Because the Middle Class is always the bulwark against tyranny. If a Civil War does occur in the United States, the major social and economic class to be fully restored is the American Middle Class. These are the We the People of Power!

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Without wearing out an already worn-out cliche, this means the Federal Reserve must be dismantled. President Trump must have the finest bust of President Jackson, ever created, sitting, unwaveringly, in his office! If this is not accomplished, the Middle Class will continue to be worn down into the abyss.

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But Trump must also deal effectively, with those who became the American elite. Those high capitalists who largely eliminated their competition and became socialists, must once again be convinced – and controlled – while seeing the nationalist protections of America are more desirable than Third World exploitations.

To further understand the issue, of renationalizing the American elite, we must revisit Samuel P. Huntington and his ominous observations. Huntington disclosed: “Transnational ideas and people fall into three categories: universalist, economic and moralist.” President Trump will succeed when he understands and acts upon all three….

Huntington continues, “The economic approach focuses on economic globalization as a transcendent force breaking down national boundaries, merging national economies into a single global whole, and rapidly eroding the authority and functions of national governments.”

Vigileaks agrees with all the above statement except for “globalization as a transcendent force.” This is too mild and dignified. Rather it is better to say globalization as a destructive force, a subversive force, a rebellious force, a repulsive force, a profiteering force, a Luciferian force, a freedom and humanity- hating force. It is Machiavellianism of the worst kind. It destabilizes and denationalizes while profiteering from wars to send out more miserable refugees, to further destabilize and denationalize…

This must be stopped.

Breaking down nationalist boundaries, globalization – with its convenient survival-of- the-fittest interpretation – does so by profiteering weaponry, using abortion and eugenics and war, and conquest through immigration Trotsky style. Today’s globalists are Trotsky’s dream ilk. They still endlessly bring Sudanese refugees, which they create, into Israel! As much as they infiltrate Somalians and Muslim “refugees” (not the true Christian refugees) into America.

Indeed, it is not just America, but Israel, on the cusp of civil war from the globalist-induced conquest through immigration. The Eagle needs to regain full strength to hover, protectively, over both!  (This means President Trump must give more money to Americans than to Saudi Arabians.)

Huntington continues, “This (economic) view is prevalent among executives of multinational corporations, large NGOs, and comparable organizations operating on a global basis… The moralistic approach decries nationalism as an evil force and argues that international law, institutions, regimes and norms are morally superior to those of individual nations. Commitment to humanity must supersede commitment to nation.”

This is the religion of Rothschild-agent Soros and his funded dumbed-down Left and liberal “intellectuals,” academics and journalists. It is the old ploy of attempting the “moral high ground,” instigated by the atheist Trotsky himself, when inventing the word “racist” to counter the growing European opposition to his Marxist Multicultural invasion of Europe.

And, sadly, endless Sudanese refugees – which increasing numbers of Israelis oppose – result from the Marxist Multiculturalism of fellow Jew Trotsky. Labor and Likud may be intensifying to a civil war, likely simultaneous with the scripted, upcoming American civil war. Clearly, as things are now, the corporations view themselves as multinational and do not think it in their interests to help the nationalist US and Israeli governments.  Indeed, it is in their interests to denationalize them.

It is this smug, routine, Divide-and-Conquer agenda from the elite, to destabilize and denationalize, to benefit their draconian minority.

At some point, President Trump must permanently renationalize the American elite – and return real, lasting power to America’s dying Middle Class. Until then, corporations operating globally will continue to recruit their workforce and their executives, including their top ones, without regard to nationality. Silicon Valley is already overrun, as are fast-food franchises, sensitive security guard positions, North American middle and high oil-field managerment, packing plants and slaughter houses, truck and cab drivers, ad nauseum. Even the Federal Reserve is infiltrated.


“Dead Souls,” by Samuel Huntington. The National Interest, Spring 2004.

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