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“We must do the opposite of what Lenin did!”

Lenin conceived the idea of founding a Marxist newspaper. All the small Marxist circles and organizations in Russia were not linked up yet. Only such a newspaper could link up the disunited Marxist organizations.

Lenin called his newspaper Iskra. The first issue appeared in December 1900. The title page bore the epigraph: “The Spark Will Kindle a Flame.” And from this spark, Iskra, started by Lenin, there flamed up the uniting of the Marxist groups…

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Since the 1789 French Revolution from which Communim emerged, Rothschilds have always funded Communism, They did in the time of Lenin as they do today, through agents such as George Soros. When it serves their cold agenda, they fund divide-and conquer movements to de-stabilize and de-Christianize. Of course, they also fund unity when Communism requires more unifying…

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Now, before it is too late – and the clock is running out – We the People can counter this America-destroying agenda effectively. How? By providing Iskras for the Left to steadily disunite, diminish and erode Marxist liberals, through effective and determined divide-and-conquer media.

It may be just one “Iskra” opposite. Or it may call for many, from many Conservative sources. Convincing “Liberal” appearing magazines, newspapers, even blogs, specifically for liberals, to ultimately disunite them and fizzle out…

The first issue to appear to be headlines, “The Flame Will Smoulder,” “The Flame Without Oxygen,” “The Flames Snuffed Out,” “The Flame Rained Upon,” etc. The flame, of course, referring to Rothschild and Soros-funded incitements to Civil War, as the elite attempt to reduce free America to one more NWO colony…

Reverse Marxism by reversing Iskra to Arksi (American Rebels Keep Searching for Information). With editorial notes and commentary such as, “American Conservatives are keeping information from you. Information YOU need to know! Your true and full identity as a Liberal is systematically kept from you. Who you really are is hidden from you. Arksi now changes all that! Arksi boldly and courageously reveals to sincere liberals and leftists the vital info you require, for solid choices in the days ahead.” Marxist collectivism is steadily eroded, with each choice made, as the “liberal” press continues to emphasize choices between liberal types…

Sell these on the streets or give them away for free, it doesn’t matter. Just get these into the hands of liberals edging to civil war. With the primary focus to keep disuniting Soros-backed liberals, the question should always be raised in each article – directly or indirectly, overtly or not overtly – “Which liberal are you?” And then two to five choices are always given, all geared to defining differences, steadily breaking down the collectivism.

Make no mistake. This is the propaganda war General Douglas MacArthur foresaw, to make or break America. It is now the historical moment for you to become one of the Generals (you don’t need anyone’s permission) to get emotional, dumbed-down liberals thinking again, while America is being saved!

In your media – be it pamphlet, flyer, comic, magazine, newspaper or blog – start at the spectrum of liberals having the most in common with conservatives; to having some things in common with conservatives; to having nothing in common with conservatives. With every article, every issue, the dividing and disunitng positive process is underway… As each reading liberal incrementally reconstructs and builds up his/her true identity, as more and more a unique and individual liberal, becoming unique and distinct from the others…

In this incremental way, emotional and dumbed-down young Americans – victimized by liberal educations they will continue to pay back for years – are importantly rehabilitated from their victimizations. From victimized and socially-engineered Marxist ploys, systematically morphing them through liberal education into manipulated dupes and useful idiots, united by Obama-endorsed emotion and lying Marxist panaceas…

Steadily breaking emotional Marxist collectivism with the premise, “No two liberal fingerprints are alike,” MacArthur’s envisioned positive-propaganda Generals need to arise! With dedication to America and loyalty to the Constitution, to strengthen American nationalism and American individuals, as the truth sets young victims free from Marxist unity, as Arksi “liberal” publications win the day!

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