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Consider the interrelationship of globalist war and globalist revolution: Very simply, the globalists want war between Russia and America, so these two giants of nationalism will destroy each other; thereby allowing the globalist revolution to go forward.

The intensifying desperate attempts of globalism for de-stabilization and de-nationalization- for profiteered overthrows and upheavals – till a new world order is established, recognizes a “middle-classless” necessity between poor and rich.

That President-elect Trump may reinstate a strong Middle Class, always the bulwark of freedom against tyranny, is to the globalists unthinkable and severely threatening.

America grew during New World colonization, but dwindled as a colony for the New World Order. Under President Reagan, America went from being the world’s greatest creditor nation to the world’s greatest debtor nation.

This was prerequisite to bring the US economy down for a revolutionary, cashless, one-world monetary unit of exchange, to be coordinated by their underground Beast computer in Belgium.

From the dawn of recorded history, the very existence of politics was determined by the cause of freedom versus slavery. And now more than ever, in the 21st century, war and revolution still constitute the two main political issues.

Today, the seeds of total war, where the rights of soldiers and civilians are no longer respected, are hurriedly planted across America and the Western world. Because of new weapons used and the urgency to depopulate to 2.5 billion or less – to make the cashless computer in Brussels practical in keeping with Club of Rome guidelines – soldiers and citizens are no longer differentiated.

So citizens may as well become soldiers. Americans veterans are in far better shape than the globalists expected. To keep the globalist revolution from proceeding, to keep the planned American misrule from advancing further, two million American bikers including veterans are pledged to guard the Inauguration!

With men such as these, America may soon be called upon to reactivate the Revolutionary Tradition and its lost Treasure with a counter revolution. The American republic was brought into existence by a deliberate act: The Foundation of Freedom. The Inauguration security undertaken by two million American bikers and vets, insures the American republic will continue in existence through such deliberate acts. These are the Foundation of Freedom!

The success or failure of this globalist revolution-prevention strategy could make or break America. Because there are apparently no security preps – as in security ops plans – for the Inauguration being initiated in Washington DC!

This is revealed by an ” alphabet organization” with the writer of the email/article to Steve Quayle having apparently been a government participator in past events of this kind in Washington DC. This appears to indicate those now in the White House have no intention of leaving, to continue the globalist revolution in America.

But as John Wayne would reply, “That’ll be the day!”


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