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Trump said, “Fake news is the enemy of the people.”  Leftists dropped the word ‘fake’ and denounced President Trump as an enemy of the 1st Amendment.

President Trump slams media producing fake news at CPAC

Donald Trump announced he would not work with the Democrat media who is producing hundreds of false narratives about the Trump administration and the actions he is taking.  From a “Muslim ban” to “Trump against 1st Amendment” to “Gen. Flynn fired for being discovered working with Russians to hack the election” the Left is fabricating stories that they present to the public as journalistic news reports.  None of these has any basis in fact, but are warped distortions to create a false representation of what is actually happening in the Trump administration.  This propaganda is taking up time by people in the administration whose time would be better spent advancing the Trump agenda to make America great again by abolishing Democrat policies that have harmed the nation.  But that is the purpose of all of this hateful misinformation – to keep Trump from being effective.

Fake news is Alinsky tactic meant to shut down Trump administration

President Trump announced that he would not be attending the White House Correspondents Dinner in April.  This is usually an event in which the President and WH Press Corps poke fun at each other.  But it has been used in the last eight years as a venue to smear conservatives, including Trump in 2011, while the leftwing press and Obama stroke each other.  The Donald is right not to be attending because the press is saying he is against the 1st Amendment rather than admitting the truth that they have no sources behind the smears they use to slander Trump.  The hate, vitriol, bile, and poison being spewed by the Leftwing media, which is 90% of the Mainstream Media, is something to which no intelligent person would subject themselves to voluntarily.

MSM deluding themselves they can nuke Trump

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