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President Trump is feared by Congress on both ends of the aisle.

The Democrats are completely powerless and the republicans will be the only opposition that Trump will have when he tries to change policy or pass new legislation.

The biggest fear that congress has is term limits. Term limits has been the favorite demand from the American public. We want to make members public servants again and make them share the same benefits that we do and not the special benefits that they gave themselves at our expense. The established party members will stand together to fight any move that Trump makes on establishing term limits but the younger members of congress will back term limits.

Americans are sick of seeing members of Congress that were middle class Americans enter office and become millionaires overnight. They don’t like to see a member of congress who serves one term retire with a million dollar retirement with full benefits for life. It is a mystery to Americans how a retired or voted out Congressman suddenly gets a chair on a corporate board of directors with a million dollar salary and does nothing to earn a paycheck. As long as we give congress the power to give their selves anything they want, the corruption will never stop in Washington.

Let’s hope that these issues were included in President Trump’s statement when he said he would drain the swamp in Washington.


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