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Leftists love to say that America is a nation of illegal immigrants because Europeans colonized the New World. 

#1 – Colonization is not immigration.  You cannot colonize someone else’s country.  You either immigrate to join them or invade to conquer.  

#2 – Establishing a country made us a nation of laws rather than a colony of England.  The natives were Stone Age barbarians who raped and murdered their neighbors as they pleased.  Only a very few tribes were somewhat peaceful and none “lived in harmony with the Earth” or anyone else. 

#3 – The Left’s illegal importation of America haters is not beneficial to the citizens, but to sustain their voter base of ignorant parasites that want to live off the benefits of taxpayers from whom Democrats steal money, resources, and jobs.

America is not a nation of immigrants, it is a nation with immigrants.  Immigration is NOT an entitlement!  Americans allow over one million immigrants into the country every year.  That’s more than all other countries of the world combined!  Everyone wants to come to America and live in peace and prosperity, but not everyone who comes to America wants to become an American.  Mexicans, Moslems, and others who want to establish their own culture and laws by carving out a piece of America for themselves to practice their hateful ideologies have no place in a civilized country.  President Trump is exercising common sense reforms to an immigration system that Democrats have deliberately broken.

President Trump senior political advisor explained:

STEPHEN MILLER – “Every year we issue a million green cards to foreign nationals from all the countries of the world, but we do so without regard on whether that applicant has demonstrated the skill that can add to the U.S. economy, whether they can pay their own way or be reliant on welfare, or whether they’ll displace or take a job from an American worker. And as a result of this policy, in place now for many years, we’ve seen significant reductions in wages for blue-collar workers, massive displacement of African-American and Hispanic workers, as well as the displacement of immigrant workers from previous years who oftentimes compete directly against new arrivals who are being paid even less.

So it’s a policy that’s actually exacerbated wealth inequality in the country in a pretty significant way. At the same time, it’s cost taxpayers enormously because roughly half of immigrant headed households in the United States receive some type of welfare benefit. Which I know is a fact that many people might consider astonishing, but it’s not surprising when you have an immigration system that doesn’t look at questions like skill level or self-sufficiency.”

The policy that people must speak English to immigrate to America in order to function in the USA was contested by Jim Acosta of CNN who asked, “But this whole notion that they have to learn English before they get to the United States are we just going to bring in people from Great Britain and Australia?”

Jim Acosta says Trump only allowing immigrants from England and Australia

[Acosta just proved that there are stupid questions.  Doesn’t that fool know that Canadians also speak English?  LOL!  Oh, and also New Zealand and South Africa and India and just about every country on the planet has people who speakada Engrish!]

America is paralyzed because half the country wants to move forward while the other half wants to move backward.  The so-called progressives of the left who believe they would move humanity forward by going backward to totalitarian dictatorships of the past are the regressives, hence my blog’s name, “Liberals backwards think.”  Acosta tried to justify his reasoning by pointing out that immigrant labor didn’t cause factories to close or coal mines to be shut down.  No, Democrat policies did!  It was high Democrat taxes that made it more affordable for companies to produce products overseas and use the savings from lower wage workers to pay for transporting goods back to the USA.  It was Obama who said he was for “an all of the above” approach to American energy, but who instead arbitrarily and maliciously shut down oil drilling and coal mines.  President Trump can reverse all of this with common sense policies to retain American sovereignty by putting America first, not through the leftist ideology of putting America last.  Allowing unrestrained immigration of the worst people to come into the country does not make America great, it’s how America is destroyed.

The Statue of Liberty stands for liberty, not immigration.  The poem on the pedestal stands for immigration, NOT illegal immigration.  It does not call for the world to send us their thieves and terrorists.  The Statue of Liberty is stepping forward to bring liberty from America to the world, not invite the world’s dregs to make their home on American’s backs as parasites, thieves, rapists, and conquerors to establish their own culture here.  America has stopped immigration in the past to stop these kinds of people and give those who came to America the opportunity to assimilate to America culture.  They were not invited to assimilate Americans to their culture.  The reason people come to America is to escape those barbaric, backwards, oppressive cultures.  Those who want to make America into the socialist toilet they left have no place here!

The 3Ms vs. the 3Ts

Acosta & Co. say Trumpsters are xenophobic racists against Mexicans, Moslems, and the media.  What we are are citizens who do not want thieves and terrorists coming to our country or a media who are traitors to the ideals and values of America!  Democrats have finally shown their true colors that they want welfare voter slaves, not productive free citizens.  All they can offer in future elections is a pack of lies to dupe people into restoring their power to continue to steal from the working taxpayer.  Democrats always campaign as capitalist conservatives, but then rule as socialist liberals.  Socialism destroyed Venezuela and every country in which it has ever been tried.  Greece is bankrupt, and Europe is teetering on the brink.  Either America turns away from leftist regressivism or she declines and falls.

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