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President Trump’s first address of the nation sets a new precedent of being the first time in nine years the President of the United States addressed the nation without telling a lie.

Every address to the nation made by Barack Obama is remarkable for one reason – in every one of them he deliberately told a bald-faced, blatant lies about Republicans from his declaration that ObamaCare would not be given to illegals to jihadi terror not being Islamic.  Democrats, true to form, sat on their hands when the President entered the chamber as an insult to Donald Trump and the office to which the people elected him.  Without a doubt this was The Donald’s finest speech as he renewed his vow to keep every campaign promise he made to make America great again – and the Left is apoplectic in rage!

President Trump’s 1st address to the nation

Democrats Sit on Their Hands and Insult the Country

Trump repeated that he would close the border.  Obama’s first address included his first Big Lie that ObamaCare would never be given to illegals, which was violated before he left office.  Trump vowed to destroy ISIS.  Obama repeatedly denied that ISIS was Islamic because he had armed and funded the Muslim Brotherhood from which they sprang to overthrow governments throughout the Middle East.  Trump said he would bring back jobs, lower taxes, squash Democrat’s business choking regulations, and make America safe again.  Obama organized another “grassroots” group under a new name, “Indivisible,” by which to community agitate against Trump since Occupy Wall Street, Organizing for Action, Black Lives Matter, and all the terrorists, rioters, and disruptors have failed to achieve their goals.

President Trump, who speaks as honestly and openly as Abraham Lincoln, said in an interview with Fox & Friends that he knows Barack Obama is behind the agitators that are plaguing Republicans at Town Halls.  Democrats continue to believe they can impeach Trump and proclaim Hillary president on the basis of their beloved fairy tale that Trump colluded with the Russians to cheat the American people of their true presidential choice.  Of course, they run into a bit of a dilemma when the ranking leftist, Adam Schiff (D-CA) conducting the investigation revealed that they have no evidence, no witnesses, and no case.

SCHIFF: “I just want to make something clear, and that is the committee has reached no conclusion on whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, Russian officials, or any Russian contacts, nor could we. We have called no witnesses thus far. We have obtained no documents on any counterintelligence investigation, and we have yet to receive any testimony from the FBI on the investigation of potential links between the Trump campaign and Russia. So we’re not in a position to reach any conclusions about that.”

With all the Obama people leaking like sieves in Washington there is no doubt that if there were any substance to the allegation that it would have been splashed all over the media.  All they have is their assumption of guilt and wild-eyed speculation in their deranged attempt to implicate Trump as an illegitimate president so they can impeach him and crown Hillary.  No one in the leftwing media can do anything more than make the claim that the Russians somehow altered the outcome of the election without even saying how it could possibly have been done!  It is their standard “the seriousness of the charge” that is driving this fraud and their presumption of guilty until proven innocent.  This is what leftist dictatorships are known for.

An idiot leftist even said that Trump’s spurning CNN and the NYT for publishing fake news stories about him is a “dictator’s first step in establishing his tyranny – shutting down the press.”  No, the first step is always seizing control of the populace through government healthcare ala Hitler and Obama.  They don’t shut down the press but make them their propagandists.  Leftists are failing to realize that the jig is up, that we have torn aside the curtain and revealed them for what they are, and that only their massive voter fraud and propaganda machine stands in the way of them becoming completely irrelevant.  Photo voter ID with thumbprint ballots will put the first to rest, and keeping the Internet open so that people hear the truth rather than the propaganda of the Mainstream leftwing Democrat media will lay the socialist commie Nazi whackos in their political graves.  Before he can truly drain the swamp of D.C. Trump must first neutralize the Left and stop them from interfering in his agenda for which the vast majority of states voted.  Then he can remove the RINOs that ally with Democrats and truly put Washington back into the hands of the people for the first time since Teddy Roosevelt.

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