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President Trump was busy touring a new portion of border wall earlier this week, and it had the media in a tizzy.

They really didn’t like how pleased he was with the wall.

“Some of it is 30 feet, some of it is 15 feet, some of it is 12 feet, depending on the area. And very, very hard to climb. If you wanna climb that, it’s pretty sharp up on top. If you wanna climb that, you deserve whatever you can get. It’s called anti-climb. It’s very see-through so you can see the other side, that’s a very important element.”

They got particularly upset when he seemed to argue that our nation was now full, and no more illegal immigrants could be sheltered.

Only… that’s not what he said. He said our “system” was full, and no longer capable of handling more illegals.

He also met with Border Patrol agents while in Southern California.

“I’m heading to the border. We’re building a lot of wall. We’re going to show you a section, and a lot of things are happening. A lot of very positive things are happening.”

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