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General Keane warned in May, 2016: “On present trend Mr. Obama will not have defeated ISIS by the time he leaves office, and most of the Middle East will be in turmoil. The next President will inherit the mess, but without much of a plan to do better.”

Well, General Keane, we will see if our beloved Supreme Commander cannot do much better than Obama!

Obama paid $1.7 billion to Iran in cash — not just the initial $400 million infamously shipped to the Iranians in a cargo plane — for the release of four American hostages. If you were anti-American, consider what might be paid for the 5,000+ US Embassy personnel in Iraq, and another 1500+ who come and go!

General Keane’s warning was given with especially the US Embassy in Iraq in mind. Has Obama pre-positioned another lucrative hostage deal based in Iraq? Just as the globalists plan to blame their forced economic downturn on Trump, has Obama coordinated – even now from his Washington DC bunker – another Benghazi to blame on Trump?

In May, 2016, The U.S. military sent a platoon of Marines to “bolster security” at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad following recent protests led by firebrand Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. Twenty-five U.S. Marine infantrymen arrived. Sound familiar?

The move came amid the Sadr-led protests against the rule of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, which escalated with protesters storming the Green Zone in Baghdad where the embassy is located. The additional Marine platoon was part of a “quick reaction force” established after the 2012 Benghazi attack to reinforce embassies worldwide should more protection be needed.

A U.S. Marine rifle company of more than 150 Marines, in addition to private security contractors, has been protecting the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and will continue to do so. General Mattis, now in Iraq, will embellish this.

While Obama pulled all the forces out, American military advisors said they wanted a force of at least 10,000 left behind. The original recommendation was 20,000 plus. Predictably, ISIS emerged after the major pull out was announced for 2011.

President Trump already stands firm for making no such announcements. Should the time comes to evacuate U.S. Embassy staff from danger in Iraq, it will be done professionally and without advance notice to the fake news media.

“I will never, ever apologize for protecting the security of the American people!” proclaims President Trump. The President is keenly aware ISIL remains a threat in Iraq and Syria

U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis was in Iraq this week after President Trump gave the retired marine general till the end of the month to come up with a plan for speeding up the campaign. During last year’s presidential election, President Trump repeatedly criticized the slow pace of progress and promised to introduce “a new approach” that would hasten ISIL’s defeat.

“The Iraq War is not over by a long shot and is under reported,” warned General Keane. “Political chaos has been going on for some time.” Prominent Iraqi cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr, has censured US President Donald Trump over his executive order to ban entry into the US of citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries, calling for the expulsion of American nationals from the Arab country in retaliation.

“It would be arrogance for you to enter freely Iraq and other countries while barring them the entrance to your country … and therefore you should get your nationals out,” Sadr said in a statement published on his website.

The luxurious American compound is in the heart of Baghdad on the banks of the Tigris where thousands of Americans work, shop, eat, and relax in a palatial, $750 million embassy. This Embassy is the largest embassy in the world. By 2014 the embassy had a population of around 5,000 people.

In 2012 the US embassy in Baghdad supported approximately 16,000 employees around the country, 2,000 of those diplomats and the rest contractors. In March 2013 State had 10,500 personnel on the ground in Iraq, at which time State announced that they would cut the BEC head count to 5,500. According to General Keane, another 1500 is added to this count.

The 104-acre Baghdad Embassy Compound (BEC) is bigger than the Vatican and about the size of 80 football fields. The compound is six times larger than the United Nations compound in New York, and two-thirds the size of the National Mall in Washington.

“The presence of a massive U.S. embassy — by far the largest in the world — co-located in the Green Zone with the Iraqi government is seen by Iraqis as an indication of who actually exercises power in their country,” according to the International Crisis Group, a European-based research group.

President Trump is now aware that the colossal embassy is seen not only by Iraqis as an indication of who actually exercises power in that country. General Mattis will soon give everyone clarification.


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