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“Make America Great Again!  Eliminate the Globalist Privatized-Prison Industrial Complex!”

The prison industrial complex is a phenomenon where prisons morphed into foreign-owned, privatized industries, set up to profiteer. Prior to this globalist takeover, the emphasis has been on prisoner rehabilitation. But now, unless stopped by President Trump, foreign investors will increasingly profiteer from the incarceration of American patriots, Constitutionalists and Christians. Their heinous profiteering agenda is for longer incarcerations and prison sentences, while stealing American Sovereignty and de-nationalizing.

Under Clinton, Bush and Obama, state and federal governments turned the managing of many prisons over to foreign-investor private corporations. Foreign privatization to profiteer from imprisoned American citizens. Meanwhile, these foreign-owned corporations prioritized the recruiting of staff, for these prisons, from the ranks of those who speak English as a second language.

As with the prioritizing of foreigners in US Post Offices under Agenda 21, the same is urged and subversively augmented in America’s foreign-owned prisons. The Sovereignty-abducting prison industrial complex is a huge part of the swamp which needs to be drained. All foreign privatizing investors should be given their money back and told to go somewhere else.

It was originally a Rothschild-backed ISO 9000 racket, propagandized by MSM, which manipulated Americans into believing the privatized prisons with ISO 9000 standards were eagerly demanded by the “grass roots.” “Oh yes!” radio and TV interviewees responded, “We need foreign-owned privatized prisons with ISO 9000 standards. The inmates can work off their debt to society! Every county will prosper by having one!”

Debt to society? What debt to society will American patriots, Constitutionalists and Christians work off? Oh, I get it! It’s their “debt” to a liberal New World Order society for standing firm against de-Christianization, de-stabilization and de-nationalization! This is the REAL meaning of globalist Kissinger’s words when he said the day is coming when Americans will gladly exchange their freedom for security. Tongue-in-cheek, Kissinger knew all along it referred to the “security” of foreign-owned privatized-prison confinement and inmate industry for American nationalists.

So President Trump must quickly decided: What are the real goals of an effective American-nationalist correctional facility. The positive rehabilitation of American citizens, staffed by responsible American citizenry, veterans with Honorable Discharges, who speak English as a first language? Or the dark, endless profiteering of foreign globalist privatizers, who profit as they steal US Sovereignty for their communist ideal, while staffing with Sharia-building Muslims, eastern European former criminals, and Third Worlders with no local allegiances.

In order to make money, foreign-owned, privatized US prisons need prisoners and lots of them. The American public has been seriously duped into believing every county can use a privatized prison, for the prosperity of the county! To be staffed by Muslims, socialists, communists, leftists, liberals and Third Worlders, to make sure “wayward” American patriots, Constitutionalists and Christians don’t get out of line.

These foreign-investing globalists have “lock up quotas” for Americans – resulting in over 2 million Americans now in their prisons. This is only the beginning. China, with five times as many people, has 500,000 fewer people in its prisons. In addition to Sovereignty-stealing foreign investors, President Trump must drain the swamp at Correctional Corporation of America (CCA) and Wackenhut.

President Trump is absolutely right to deport tens of millions of illegals now in America. Because to put them into privatized prisons not only strengthens of the globalist investors, but also the globalists who profiteer from privatized-prison labor including McDonald’s, WalMart and Starbucks.

Following the immediately successful purge of this part of the swamp, President Trump will have to expose the hoax of modern medicine in the prison industrial complex and military industrial complex. But these topics are for another article. Let’s tackle first things first!

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