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The question is, why would the same government agencies that determine, without a doubt, that if a mother is killed, and a child in pregnancy, dies as well, is considered two different murders, but abortion of that same child is known as health care by liberals and President Obama who does not educate himself properly before spouting off at the mouth and making foolish decisions.

Within the last couple months, video of initial conception shows a mass explosion of energy. Energy equals a life force within the molecules. The argument that the embryo, the zygote, or the unborn is a living, breathing, feeling child of God. No more is there an argument of if the unborn is alive or not, and if they feel pain or not.

Facebook had a story where a mother gave very intimate and personal details of attempting abortion using the abortion pill, and she had to use that pill two times to abort. Once the child was expunged from her body, she saw the young child and started to cry. The young mother at that moment regretted her decision, but Liberals push upon minorities, and the poor this concept of Abortion being the best decision for them. Who is Planned Parenthood, and Liberals to push their agenda upon the lives of others?

The name is a misnomer, in itself. Generally, these pregnancies are not planned, and P.P. does very little to assist the Mother of choosing parenthood over abortion, or the other options that are available to her. When will Americans realize that you cannot erase your actions, only compound more disgrace and sadness upon the original foundation of bad choices?

The other choices include motherhood, adoption after the child is born, and today, many families who cannot have children on their own are willing to pay medical costs and adopt the child at birth. These young ladies and mothers who believe they cannot afford, or otherwise provide a good life to a child have options and have their God, their conscious, and time to make the right choices. And, let us not forget, it did take two to tango, and the Dad, if the situation is right should also have a say in the outcome. Story after story of young Dads never have a say, and ultimately lose out on a child that they would have felt was a blessing to love, share a lifetime of memories, and happiness, if only they had the opportunity.

abortion is murderWe offer children, girls at age 11 in some areas the ability to abort a child without parental consent, but at the same time are not allowed to take aspirin at school without a parent’s and /or doctors okay to do so. This is a joke and is completely sending the wrong message to our young and impressionable children. When did it become okay for 11-year-olds to be sexually active, or have the mental stability and education to make the correct choice on sexual intercourse, abortion, or sexual protection? The time we pushed our children to be what they are, children, and not expect, look at or infer that they are anything besides that, and one would have to question any adults attempt to improperly argue for this as being somewhat perverted, or unstable in their own life.

The argument that it is a woman’s body and we the public do not have a right to tell them what to do. Okay, then in the same token, these same sexually active woman need to be able to afford contraceptives and abortion from their own back pocket. If a society is going to pay for the mistakes of the few, then the society has the right to put demands, and questions of integrity, moral aptitude, and intellect to make such heinous choices.

A child is God’s gift to “man” if one practices a Judeo-Christian religion, and in that light, they are to cherish, love and teach that child, not murder the child. A parent is responsible for their young, and in that token need to be much more aware of their boys and girls “extra-curricular” activities, and know the consequences if their child continues. Roe Vs Wade is no longer relevant and is a very outdated decision made by a court attempting to issue law from the bench. No longer can moral, ethical Americans be bound by the poor judgments of a court that try to instigate law, instead of seeing how it differs from the original Constitution. Remember that each “man” has the right to praise their lord in their own way, and they have the right to pursuit happiness as they wish. Nowhere did it state that if it was inconvenient, that at birth or before it was okay to murder that human for the sake of happiness of the parent only.

Now we will have women and the Liberal fanatics scream what about rape and incest, well those are less than 10% of the pregnancies, and in those cases, it is in the hands of each state, and its citizens to determine the best way to handle those. We can use that same test of state law to cover in the case of saving the mother over the unborn child.

No more should it be allowed to rip a child apart in the womb, no longer should it be okay to abort once there is a detectable heartbeat. No longer should a woman’s health clinic have the right to perform abortions on their campuses, but can refer these specific cases to a doctor that practices within the compounds of a legitimate hospital where their main concern is to save lives, not destroy them. No longer should any organization be allowed to unfairly weigh their suggestions without regard to all options available. IT is time to force those who made the decision to do the action, and those there to assist are to be responsible to explore all options completely and appropriately.

Time to reverse Roe Vs Wade and to realize that it is a living life you are murdering when you have an abortion. It is not just a weekend adventure.


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