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The righteous praise heroes and condemn criminals, while leftists do the opposite.  All you need to know to understand leftism is in the mainstream media.  Leftists lie to deceive and corrupt.  They spew the same lies over and over, 24/7/365, until they can brainwash people into believing them to be true.

How is Antifa “anti-fascist” when they are practicing fascism?  How is Black Lives Matter against blacks being murdered when they don’t care how many blacks are murdered on the streets by black criminals, only those criminals who are shot by white police?  97% of blacks are murdered by black criminals while only 1% are shot by police and 99.9% of them are shot because they are criminals.

The actual incidence of a police officer murdering a black man for being black is virtually non-existent.  Police do not hire racists, but police do become fearful and suspicious of blacks because they make up the majority of criminals in America even though they are a small percentage of the population.  This is because Democrats encourage them to become criminals, to be gangster and thug and pimp, as if those are positives.  Then they justify their crimes and call police racists for locking them up.  And if an officer shoots an unarmed black out of fear they cast them as the KKK lynch mob.

How is anything Democrats propose (that they are not lying about when they say they are against illegal immigration or voter fraud) right for anyone?  They are against voter fraud if Republicans win, but all for foreigners voting illegal if they can benefit.  How is socialism beneficial to the people when there is a century of countries becoming socialist making their people destitute?  How is President Trump a racist when he fights for the plight of black families and lower black unemployment?  How is he a sex offender when he treats women as a gentleman?  How are Republicans white supremacists when they fight to end slavery?  How are Christians the evil of the world when they are the most charitable?  The answer all lies in leftism and their creation of the Big Lie.

“If you tell a lie big enough, often enough, eventually it becomes the truth.” – Adolf Hitler, ‘The Big Lie’

“Politics is the art of lies.” – Rush Limbaugh

“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” – Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens

Omarosa is a perfect example of how a two-faced leftist can tell the truth one day and lie the next, and how liberals will forget what they said the day before and not be able to tell the difference.  She praised Trump for years, but after she gets fired she jumps on the leftist bandwagon to call him racist.  One must wonder how long it will be before she accuses the man she lauded to the heavens of making her his black whore sex slave?  Then she can combine the left’s two most heinous big lies about Trump being a racist and a sex offender.  Just because he counters her lies with his own counter-attacks doesn’t make him an anti-woman sexist.  Only a liberal thinks Jesus said for good people to lay down and let evil people use them for a door mat.

When someone completely contradicts what they said previously you know they are lying.  The question is; which is the lie?  Leftists are pathological liars who believe their own lies, so you cannot count on the usual techniques of revealing the lies of a guilty conscience.  They can easily beat lie detectors.  The only way to know the truth and recognize a lie is to know the facts.  That’s why learning history is vitalIgnorance is Satan’s whiteboard.  Want to know how to recognize that Democrats are two-faced leftists?  Just listen to Obama, Clinton, and Schumer talk about stopping illegal immigration when they campaign, but then support illegal invaders when they are in power.

How easily the left warps and corrupts the truth was made evident in their praise, condemnation, and reappraisal of former FBI Director James Comey.  He was their golden boy when he exonerated Hillary of her crimes, and then the spawn of Satan when he tried to exonerate her of her assistant’s crimes a week before the election.  They screamed for his blood until Trump fired him and then he became their martyr.  How easily they were manipulated is seen on Colbert when he announced Comey’s firing to their cheers and then admonished them to turn them into his supporters.  Lemmings.

That’s how ignorant people are indoctrinated into lies so deeply that even black Americans can be persuaded to burn a statue of Abraham Lincoln in the name of anti-racism.  It’s not hard to see how it is done if you just exercise more than two brain cells.  The Left twists and corrupts everything.  That’s how they convince ignorant people that Republicans are the KKK.  The Democrat South rebelled against Republican Yankee carpet baggers trying to take advantage of the southern economy in the late 19th century.  They formed the KKK as their terrorist arm against their former slaves.

But the real invasion of the South was in the late 20th century when Republicans fled the North and their gangster run unions in the Reagan era for the free markets.  That shifted the Republican majority from the northern states to the southern states.  Southern redneck racists didn’t switch to the party of the man who squashed their rebellion.  Why would they leave the party that put the descendants of their former slaves back onto their plantation as welfare voter slaves?  The KKK haven’t become Republicans.  They just put on a new mask.

Democrats have always operated best in high population areas where people don’t know each other and thus can more easily tell lies and get away with it.  Even in the era of Lincoln the cities were controlled by Democrats who imported and enthralled foreigners to do their bidding, and they encouraged criminals to keep the populace under their control.  Hollywood is notorious for taking historical names and rewriting the facts.  But occasionally, someone produces some historical truth, and not all are documentaries like Dinesh D’Souza’s “Death of a Nation,” “America: Imagine the World Without Her,” “Hillary’s America,” and “Obama’s America.”  “Gangs of New York” exhibits how Democrats took control of New York City, but you have to pick up a history book to know they are Democrats rather than Republicans.

America needs an education

Anyone who thinks socialism is good needs an education.  Anyone who is educated knows that socialism has destroyed the wealth of nations.  Leftists convince the ignorant that it just takes the “right kind of people” to make it work.  Obama was “the One” who practiced socialism as president and does so now as leader of his OfA socialist army of Antifa, BLM, OWS, and others.  Republicans wisely rejected socialism and now Democrats are calling for their voters to embrace it.  The same people are urging atheists to embrace Islam as a religion of peace and love when fourteen centuries of Jihad prove otherwise.  America has been at war with socialism and Islamism since its founding and the two will ally just as the Nazis and Communists did in WWII.  But, like the gangs of New York, leftists always go at each other’s throats at some point.

The leftist media would keep Americans ignorant and oblivious to the realities of racism, immigration, and Islam.  Twenty white supremacists showed up in Charlottesville again this year and the liberal media used the event to slander sixty million Trump supporters as racists.  As Islamic jihadis terrorize Europe a billion Moslems endorse the Jihad as the left claims it only represents battling one’s inner demons.  Muhammad never said anyone would go to Paradise to receive 72 virgins for being a good person.  If you ask Moslem converts in America if they support terrorism they’ll say no.  But if you ask Moslems in the Middle East they’ll say it’s justified in Jihad against the infidel.  Americans are being duped into inviting satanism into their homes by being taught a façade of Islam.

Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on lies.  Conservatism is born of morality and bred on education.  Moderates are moral people in transition from ignorant liberalism to learned conservatism.  Leftists lie about everything to everyone including themselves.  The left changes the names, but the lies remain the same.  Liberalism used to mean Christians who believed in advancing technology.  Now it means atheist socialism.  Feminism used to mean women wanting to be empowered to work and vote and prosper.  Now it means man-haters.  The left always corrupts and turns what is good toward evil.  They did it with the Catholic Church of the Inquisition and it took the Reformation to overthrow them.

Christians crushed the Inquisition, Moslems endorse the Jihad

Two Americas: Americanism or Socialism, Right vs. Left

But there is no reform for Islam or socialism.  Socialist ideology has bred a number of stepchildren; fascism, Communism, and Nazism, and is actually born of imperialism and Islamism in which the elites rule the masses.  The left just puts lipstick on it and people kiss it with stars in their eyes.  It doesn’t take much to convince the ignorant who lack a moral compass for them to be convinced that they are fighting evil and corrupt them to justify their crimes.  Democrats blacklisting Republicans is the opposite of McCarthyism blacklisting socialists in the 1950s but carried to a far greater degree.  Republicans were trying to stop the spread of indoctrinators corrupting the nation, while Democrats are trying to stop the spread of patriotism attempting to preserve the nation to make America great again.

Socialists like Bernie Sanders lie saying that the vast majority of Americans want to embrace socialism.  But saying it doesn’t make it so.  When Democrats lie about who they are and what their true agenda is they succeed in getting elected.  Now they are openly saying they want government to own the businesses and seize the wealth and believe the people will flock to them as they did to Chavez in Venezuela.  One must wonder how many more examples of socialists stealing the wealth of the people do they need before the light comes on?  When they can see the results of socialism throughout the last century, yet run to embrace it, one must wonder – wtf is wrong with their brains?  But with fascist censorship and indoctrination, it can’t be all their fault.  If young people don’t learn the evils of socialism and the glories of a republic it’s our fault.

Understanding America – republic or democracy

As this ten-minute video explains, the American republic is what is responsible for America’s prosperity.  Democrats say America is an oligarchy of corporate fat cats, but they never confess that is so when they are in power.  They slander the Electoral College as corrupt but promote vote by democracy in which the big states can stuff the ballot boxes with fraudulent votes, votes by criminals and illegal invaders, to overwhelm the citizens.  Nothing the left ever proposes is for the benefit of the people.  It is only meant to dupe the people into giving them power over the people.  That’s why people have become apathetic to politicians who lie on campaign.  But President Trump is doing what he said he would do and America is prospering mightily under his leadership.  Democrats want to go back to Obama’s socialism where Washington, D.C. became the richest region in the country.  What will you vote for?

Antifa – “All my heroes kill cops”

Dinesh explains how liberals are fooled

Voters lagging in Midterms because GOP support for Trump lags

Liberals are Oblivious to the Realities of Socialism, Business, and Taxes

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