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Trump won in a Landslide!

Hillary’s claim she “won” the popular vote but lost the election is pure BS!

The Electoral College in the American Constitution works in much the same way as Sport Championships do.  Rules are set ahead of time and the loser accepts the result.  What Hillary is trying to do is change the rules after she lost; and delegitimize Trump’s Landslide Victory. And the Liberals/Democrats/Communists/Press are using the ignorance of foreigners and many of the uneducated &/or newly arrived Americans; to confuse them. (That is why I don’t believe America should import millions of foreigners who do not learn about America and will not assimilate – They become pawns in the hands of Liberals/Democrats/Communists.)  

Popular Votes do not count in Selecting State Electors.  In most States, all Electoral Voters from that State are awarded to the winner of the majority of votes in that State. They are not awarded proportional to  the individual vote totals.

Popular Votes do not count in Selecting Winners of State Primaries either.  Many of the State Primaries are also awarded to the winning candidate, regardless of popular vote totals.  Even though Bernie Sanders and Hillary got the same number of individual votes in 6 State Primaries; Hillary herself took all of them based on a coin toss, which she miraculously “won” six times!! (It was the DNC that cheated, not the Russians!)

Check out How Sports Championships work: Can Hillary claim she won a 10K race because she was fastest during half a lap or 1/50th of the race?  Suppose a Baseball championship is determined by 2 out of 3 wins.  If Team A  won  2 to 1; lost 1 to 9; and won  2 to 1; that means  Team A  got  2+2+1 home runs. Can Team B, that scored 1+1+9 home runs, claim it won instead? Isn’t it obvious that Team A,  that won 2 out of 3 games, won the championship?

The Electoral College was deliberately included in our Constitution to prevent one or more populous States from controlling the vote and determining the Presidential winner by themselves. And to allow a Diversity of people in all the States to participate in electing our President.   If we counted based on numbers of voters and  current population; California, New York, Texas and Florida could decide who will be President for the whole 50 states of the US. That would elevate the power of Democrat Elitists on the coasts and do away with Diversity among the States!  (Democrats would never want to eliminate “Diversity” would they?)

Even the Electoral College itself has been subject to Democrat cheating.  The number of Congressional representatives and the number of electoral voters are allocated based on the Census. But the Census has been altered by Democrats, with the connivance of Liberal Judges, to benefit themselves; because the Census counts illegals, foreign students, green card holders, visitors and other non-citizens.*  So, the more illegals a State has, the more congressional representatives and electoral college voters it gets; and therefore, the more political power is also gets.

Hillary may not even have won the legitimate popular vote in California – Illegal Aliens could have provided her with the winning vote:  Currently, twelve states and the District of Columbia allow illegal aliens to obtain a drivers’ license.*  California, under AB 60, has made it simple for every one on earth to get a CA  Driver’s License.  Anyone, including all illegals and even  a complete foreigner, could get a CA diver’s license.  Driver’s licenses are issued on the basis of virtually any foreign passport and proof of local residence.   To prove your “residence”  all you need to show is the envelope of a letter sent to you at that address.   CA also has made it simple to Register to vote.  It has “Automatic Registration” –  That means that if you don’t say you are not eligible to vote; you are automatically registered when you obtain, or renew,  your driver’s license.  Millions of undocumented aliens have registered to vote in CA and may well have actually cast votes too. (Think about it, why else would they register to vote?) So, there is a question if Hillary even really won the popular vote in California. (Incidentally, this is why Obama and Hillary want the borders kept open.)

Trump won the popular vote in a landslide, if you deduct the California votes: Hillary won California 5,860,714 to Trump’s 3,151,821.  61.6% to 33.1% exclusive of the other candidates.   If you  deduct Hillary’s California vote from her national vote, it leaves her with 54,978,783, and if you deduct Trump’s California vote from his national total, it leaves him with 57,113.976.  This means he wins in a landslide of nearly 3 million votes in the other 49 states, 51.3% to her 48.7%. So, in effect, Hillary was elected president of California and Trump was elected President of the rest of the country by a landslide.

Trump actually won the Electoral College, including CA,  in a huge landslide too:  He got 304 electoral college votes to her 232 votes; or 56.71%  vs 43.28%.

Trump’s Brilliant Campaign Manager, Kellyanne Conway, whose expertise is polling, saw this early on and devised her strategy of “6 pathways to the White House” by not campaigning in California with its huge Democrat majority and going after the states that would give Trump the necessary electoral votes to win: FL, NC, MI, PA, OH, and WI.

When Donald Trump is sworn in as President on the afternoon of January 20, 2017; the Republican Party will have a victory that has never happened before in American  history.  It will have:
1)  The Presidency;
2)  A majority of the U.S. House of Representatives;
3)  A majority of the U.S. Senate;
4)  Almost two-thirds of all the Governorships;
5)  Total control of the Statehouses in almost two-thirds of all the States; and
6) In the near future, Republicans will be able to add a majority of the Supreme Court

Hillary, Liberals/Democrats/Communists and their Media are demanding  that we do away with the Electoral College and count the popular vote.  Elitist Liberals want California and New York, with  their huge populations of illegals, to determine our next President!

In fact,  the Electoral College is working exactly as our Founding Fathers intended.

Rohini DeSilva, Esq.
Monday, January 9, 2017

Noncitizens, Voting Violations and U.S. Elections  …In addition, noncitizens and illegal aliens are counted when apportioning congressional districts and when allocating state electors under the Electoral College.
How to get a CA -AB 60 Driver License:
New California Laws in 2015 Include Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants,
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