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Once again, the “Pope” puts himself on a pedestal! The latest successor to Trotsky smiles to all!

Can you believe it? The fraudulent “Pope” defies President Trump even at the US/Mexican border! A strategic though superficial replica of the pope bequeaths a staid “blessing” to all illegals headed to the U.S. border!

February 17, 2017: “Gigantic Francis Statue comes to Juarez, Mexico.” You can view the Marxist successor to Trotsky here:


The Juarez Valley, which runs along the Rio Grande, is just a stone’s throw from the eighteen-foot fence on the US border.

Now now that Obama has given American authority over the Internet to internationals, know what you cannot view! Removed from the Internet are Papal criticims of President Trump’s protectionist policy toward illegal immigrants.

Included are “Pope Francis Criticizes President Donald Trump’s Anti-Immigration … “  Removed!
“Pope Francis Criticizes President Donald Trump’s Anti-Immigration Executive Order,” January 30, 2017 … “Catholics oppose Trump actions on border wall”  Removed!

Of course, the last title is even more deceptive, as it is the pope, who pretends to speak for all Catholics, who opposes Trump’s valiant actions on the border. Indeed, millions of informed Catholics voted for President Trump to Make America Great Again!

But Internet censorship is not yet perfected and this article still survives: “Pope Francis is the Opposite of Trump!”

With these internationalized Internet antics of censorship, the new statue of the South American “Pope,” nevertheless, fails as a symbol of free speech! Rather, it is a bizarre “statue of liberty” for ISIS, mobile drug cartel, and unvetted illegals… groups who ultimately put true Americans into bondage!

The statue, imposed in Juarez, Mexico, is not far from an ISIS cell to the west of Ciudad Juárez. In Puerto Palomas, the ISIS cell targets the New Mexico towns of Columbus and Deming for easy access.  Meanwhile, “Cartels Help Terrorists in Mexico Get to U.S. to Explore Targets!”

The statue is an annoying attempt for Marxist and Masonic-infiltrated religion to trump politics. The statue does not encourage illegals to obey the laws of America. Rather, it sanctions with a plaster blessing the “pope” defying President Trump and America’s very sound protectionist laws.

The irony is that the statue awaits the same iconoclastic fate, as its predecessors across Europe: the hundreds of Catholic statues now beheaded by Muslims. “Antipope Francis’ Incredible Heresies During His Visit To A Mosque” didn’t thwart the Muslim desecration of statues then.

And it won’t now. Think of the statue as Trotsky in a pope costume. Trotsky worked hard to force his Marxist Multiculturalism on Europe, while his 50,000 Spanish reds invaded the U.S. border. But nothing will stop this statue desecration now. It’s just a matter of time. A house divided cannot stand. The imposition, while encouraging illegals, is in direct violation of everything cartel-assisted ISIS and all Muslim terrorists believe.


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