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This first one is something that apparently is a “guy thing” because it’s never done by a woman…at least none that I’ve ever been around.   The next time this happens you might want to think about it.  The “thing” that I’m talking about is how a guy will try to carry everything in one trip regardless of how precarious the trip might be.   Cleaning up after a meal, if he’s the type, he’ll pile everything up, including dishes, along with the foodstuff and try to make just one trip.  Sometimes he doesn’t make it and then there’s a big mess to clean up…and someone invariably will ask “Why didn’t you just make two trips with that stuff?”.   A woman, on the other hand, will make as many trips as necessary to get things put away…especially if it’s perishable foodstuffs.   You won’t see HER pile everything up.  Nope, that’s definitely a guy thing.   Check me on this one the next time you help clean up or you watch a guy help clean up.  You might ask him why he didn’t make two trips…and my guess is that he won’t have a good answer.  I never did.

Ever walk through a department store and when you go by the cosmetics counter some lady wants to spray you with something?   There’s nothing odd about that, that’s their job…the odd part comes in when your lady says “Do you like it?”   Most men, and I’m one of that group, couldn’t tell one fragrance from another, but we’re expected to make some sort of remark about it.   If you’re really lucky, your lady-love will have one fragrance that she just loves, and that’s all she buys…so you know what to get.   Men’s noses, apparently, are just not attuned to the difference in aromas, and so we make some comment(usually wrong) about the perfume or cologne and get a look that would freeze-dry your face in a heartbeat.  My lady bought some very expensive aftershave for me and it’s nice.   I also have an aftershave that I bought and, truth be told, when I put one on she cannot tell the difference!   There’s a lesson in there somewhere but I’ll be darned if I can figure out what it is.  I’ll just keep on making those inane, non-committal answers when the question “Do you like it?” comes up.

What is the proper answer to the question, “How about them/those …?”…and you can fill in the blank for your favorite team or sport.   How do you reply to that, especially if you’re a non-sporting person(of which I am one) and wouldn’t know one team from another.   Many times folks get together and the men will be watching some sort of game, or sport, and the women are gathered in another room discussing who-knows-what.   At this type of get-together you’ll usually find me wandering back and forth, making the appropriate dumb remarks about the game/sport just to show that my gender is correct, and then hanging out with the ladies too.   The ladies, if you haven’t noticed, smell better and, what’s more important, they are usually the ones controlling the food!   Wandering in and out usually gets my hunger awake and so, wherever the food is, that’s the place to be.  Odd questions pop up at the most inappropriate times at events like these so you have to have a supply of non-committal answers at the ready.

You can file this question under the heading of “Pollyanna questions”, but it is a puzzle.   Why does the Pope continue to “make nice” with the Muslims?  He was recently in Egypt and the security must have been very tight, but he goes to places where Christians are being slaughtered almost on a daily basis, and tells them to befriend the Muslims.  Can he not understand that, given half a chance, a Muslim would gladly sever his head from his body and put it on the top of a pike?   If you’re reading this and you bristle at the mention of Muslims being dangerous, I suggest that you stop reading anything of mine.   There are questions concerning Islam for which there are no answers, much less any good answers.   A line that I use often is “There is nothing worthwhile in Islam and I wouldn’t trust any Muslim as far as I could throw a Buick.”.

I’m a hat person.  I like hats of all kinds and if I had the room and the money there would be about 100 hats on the wall.   There would be no products or sports teams in my collection because they don’t pay me to advertise for them.  Now, I have a couple of Navy hats, and the Navy pays me to wear them because they send me a check every month for my retirement.   Recently a picture was on the internet and it puzzled me.  A young man, wearing a ball cap backwards was shielding his eyes from the sun while attending a sports event.  As I studied the picture it was clear that this guy was not too bright because all he had to do was to wear the cap properly and it would have shielded his eyes from the sun.   Other pictures show people wearing these caps at odd angles, backwards and now it would appear that an overly large cap is the way to go.

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