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The Catholic apologetics classic, Faith of Our Fathers by Cardinal Gibbons, sold millions and millions of copies! And the works of Saint Thomas Aquinas remain unrivaled! But it is obvious the liberal Jesuit “Pope” Francis never read these! Because their words instruct just the opposite of what Francis is doing!

By May of 2016 the papal Jesuit already conceded Europe to Islam and proclaimed that Christianity and Islam are the samePope Francis likened Jesus Christ to ISIS and said Muslim migrants must breed with Europeans to counter “declining birth rates.”

Francis’ denial of Christianity’s mission to actively evangelize, albeit peacefully, is a betrayal of Christianity’s mission. But Francis works diligently to promote the Masonic syncretism of the Parisian Freemason Lodge for world government.

Pope Francis also denies Islam is violent. However, he would have a very hard time convincing friends and family of hundreds of thousands or martyred Iraqi and Syrian Christians – should any still be found – that Islam is not violent!

Indeed, even St. Thomas Aquinas, recognized as a “Doctor of the Church” for being Catholicism’s greatest theologian of all time, wrote that Islam spread by violence! But the revolutionary papal Jesuit overlooks Aquinas, as much as Cardinal Gibbons instructs Aquinas!

Note the following is what tens of millions of Catholics have been instructed by Gibbons for over a century! And what Francis should believe, but ignores, furthering the internal and external destruction and chaos of Catholicism. Cardinal Gibbons teaches:

“Mohamedanism took its rise in the seventh century in Arabia, and made rapid conquests in Asia. In the 15th century Constantinople was captured by the followers of the false prophet, who even threatened to subject all Europe to their sway.

“For nine centuries Mohamedanism continued to be a standing menace to Christendom, till the final issue came when it was to be decided once for all whether Christianity and civilization on the one hand, or Mohamedanism and infidelity on the other, should rule the destinies of Europe and the world.

“At the earnest solicitation of the Pope, the kingdom of Spain and the republic of Venice formed an offensive league against the Turks, who were signally defeated in the battle of Lepanto, in 1571.

“And if the Cross, instead of the Crescent, surmounts the cities of Europe today, it is indebted for this priceless blessing to the vigilance of the Roman Pontiffs.” (From the 83rd Revised Edition of Faith of Our Fathers by Cardinal Gibbons, p. 53.)

Today, the “vigilance of the Pontiff” is a willful void. And the real reason “Pope” Francis chronically speaks against President Trump, is because Francis knows our beloved President Trump will persevere in the vigilant and military line “of the Roman Pontiffs” who defeated Islam at the battle of Lepanto!


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