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The Supreme Poet of the Catholic Church, Dante, held that the empire was of God, created and preserved to establish justice upon the earth. To it belonged supreme temporal dominion, and to the Church authority in things spiritual.

In the thought of Dante, the woes of Europe were largely due to the disastrous meddling of the Church in temporal affairs. People needed to recognize the moral supremacy of the empire, while the Church was to be satisfied with spiritual dominion.

In defense of this ideal Dante wrote his justly famous treatise entitled De Monarchia.

Dante’s position is echoed by Catholic apologist extraordinaire, James Cardinal Gibbons, Archbishop of Baltimore. Cardinal Gibbons authoritatively set forth in his classic work of apologetics, The Faith of Our Fathers:

“The Pope’s infallibility does not in any way trespass on civil authority; for the Pope’s jurisdiction belongs to spiritual matters, while the duty of the State is to provide for the temporal welfare of its subjects.

“What, then, is the real doctrine of infallibility? It simply means that the Pope, or successor of St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles, by virtue of the promises of Jesus Christ, is preserved from error of judgment when he promulgates to the Church a decision on faith or morals.”

But since the times of Dante and the more recent Cardinal Gibbons, the role of the Papacy was diabolically changed, from traditionally promulgating decisions on faith and morals, to the promulgating of liberal Communist and Masonic policies!

After Cardinal Villot died – who oversaw the curial reorganization for these infiltrative purposes – in his private library was found a handwritten message from the Grand Master of Villot’s Masonic Lodge, praising Villot for upholding Masonic traditions.

You see, after Vatican II, and the reorganization of the curia, under the Cardinal Secretary of State and his dicastery, the Secretariat of State, it is the Party Line – that is, the policies and politics of the Secrtary of State – that is the one and only determning factor in the formulation of Church policies.

As a result of this restructuring, the Pope is reduced to a figurehead who gives his approval, to rulings presented to him as a fait accompli by the Secretary of State – in the same way puppet-master former Secretary of State gives orders to Obama and Hillary for their “approval.” Both President and Pope are under the dictatorships of globalist Secretaries of State.

After Vatican II, based on orders from the Secretary of State, the social kingship of Christ was replaced by the policy of the “civilization of love” – intended to lead to a Masonic-defined world brotherhood of religions, not al all explicitly Christian, needed for global unity as prerequisite to world government. Communist globalists manipulate religion in this way – which will then be discarded in Revelation 17, as the Antichrist no longer needs the world religions to rise to power. Denying centuries of conflict with Islam, advancing this new policy is why “Pope” Francis called the Koran “A book of love,” promoting acceptance of Sharia-Law Islam into Europe.

Masonry and Communism rejoice as the Catholic Church reconciles itself with Liberalism. The civil “authority” of Masonry and Communism working jointly now controls the pope’s jurisdiction on spiritual matters. Exactly what Dante James Cardinal Gibbons warned about – who would now see the politics of temporal affairs meddling and controlling the Catholic Church!

And Dante and Cardinal Gibbons would have been shocked and in opposition to the Alfred E. Smith Annual Banquet this week, a banquet of “Catholic” Liberalism named for “Catholic” progressivist Democrat liberal Alfred E Smith… where former Secretary of State Kissinger consoled Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


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