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Lanny Davis is a life-long Deep Swamp denizen, lawyer for the Clintons and a really pleasant fellow with ice water in his veins, but he has one critical flaw.  He cannot say “proof.”  It always comes out as “poof” and we find it the word of the day as it inadvertently has an appropriate double meaning.

Rarely in the use of any language known to man is this the case.  It is as if the gods of truth and justice intersected in Lanny Davis head, proving perhaps, that he really is as nice as he seems in spite of all his twisted friends and associates.

Regardless Mr. Trump’s recent acceptance of the idea that Russia impeded the 2016 election there is no proof!  The charge has gone “poof” no matter how many times it is repeated on major media.  What would constitute proof?

Had the FBI been able to examine the DNC server they could have determined whether or not a broadcasting program had been installed on the “server” which is the machine that sends and receives data, including emails, on the Internet.  Our computers are connected to these machines to constitute the Internet as they are all working together and tap into that system to put our messages into a river of signals running around that system until they hit the address on their headers where they are gulped and routed to the personal computers and cell phones they serve.

Proof the Russians were trying to manipulate the 2016 election would be found in many more places than one DNC server, but we do not even know that as the DNC would not permit the FBI to examine the machine.  They would look for a rebroadcasting program in the “Program File” where it would stick out like the proverbial “sore thumb,” but the DNC killed that chance when they had covered up their illicit activities.  Once again, the Democrats have been their own worst enemies.

It would be set to send every incoming message to another server and from the number the FBI could tell where the receiving server was located as they are numbered in a system indicating the location where they are registered.

Were it an unregistered rogue receiver that alone would be telling, and alarming, but no such evidence exists!  There are efforts to block “bootleg” servers and they are effective, but the people that control the Internet have to know the Internet addresses of such illegitimate machines.  Debby Wasserman Schultz prevented that step from happening.

We have 3141 counties in our 50 states and each has a registrar of voters that is on line.  On voting days the precinct voting machines are not on line to guarantee the validity of the election.  The only possible place where a foreign intruder could commit mischief is in the Registrar’s Office.  It would be possible for an intruder to erase voters or add new names, but they would have to give addresses that were accurate so such activity would need support by extensive research.  Then, someone would have to play the false voter and be paid well to commit a felony.

Such an operation would require three million false voters in critical state and if Russia only paid them $1,000 the single election would cost $3 billion plus a similar amount of money for operations, travel, research and execution over a month in advance to get a man who just strengthened NATO, quenched North Korea and is revitalizing our military.  On consideration all we can say is “poof!”

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