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You can change from one news media channel to the next and you can listen to a talking parrot on each news channel saying the same thing, literally word for word.  Once a buzz word or buzz phrase attacking President Trump or conservatives, in general, has been received, it seems as the anchor or host on each show will repeatedly parrot the phrase by injecting it into each story.

The latest buzz has come from the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi that Donald Trump is engaged in a cover-up. Within minutes the left-wing news media was repeating the phrase, that the President was engaged in a cover-up over collusion of Russian involvement in the last presidential election. Despite the fact that the very issue of the Trump Administration being involved with Russia has been thoroughly debunked by the Mueller Report.

The talking parrots are participating in coordinated collusion of repeating the same buzz phrases in sync with the other like-minded so-called news formats. They are following the tried and true propaganda principle of continually repeating the same lie over and over, after a while, the public will believe the lie. To call these news formats, news, is a misnomer, the political viewpoint of these stations is front and center, and that is hard-left socialism.

If the left-wing parrot news activist gets their wish, many will be out of work, socialist governments historically have a single news network controlled by government minders. The propaganda minister’s office writes the storyline for the news programs which are repeated around the clock. The news network staff is small with a handful of news anchors to present the daily propaganda news report.

Now that a socialist government would have complete control over the “News,” all of the former activist reporters will have to find another line of work. The big paychecks will be gone and the highly inflated egos will get deflated. Maybe, CNN’s Bob Acosta and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow can get a job selling electric cars for Ms. Ocasio-Cortez.

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