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I learned from a union rep about how to manipulate polls.  The number one item was choosing the dates.  At that time, Mondays and Wednesday were bad nights because of family and mid-week church services. The same would go for debates. With all the information based on address and zip codes, the randomness of contacts is reduced.  With phone number being mobile, the location is more uncertain.

We were taught to stay on point and not to be distracted by other question and verifications. How the question was worded often got the answer you wanted. The polls can be an argument for a recount in a close race.

Fraud has been around since the beginning of election, but had no impact on most election. My first knowledge of election fraud was the 1960 presidential election. The next frauds started to show up after the, “Motor Voter Law,” passed under President Bill Clinton. The 2000 election was the first trial, if the Democrats tried to win by fraud, they fell short. Bush won declared the winner and the recount finished months later proved he won. No one asked for a recount in 2008 and 2012 presidential races. With the country being so divided, and the issues so far apart, 2016 could be a big target.

The Motor Voter Law was to increase turnout and make voting easier. In this law was a statement for provisional ballots.  Ballot that people could use to vote, but kept separate to see if registration information was accurate. I feel that the ballots got mixed.

Dual registrations are not a problem, dual voting is.  Many states have tried to purge names of people who have not voted for a period of time, and require a picture, name and address. They have run into court challenges. The courts have ruled that pictures discriminate. This is false if any of the following can be used: driver license, employment ID, ID for health matters, welfare recipients, student ID, passports, and club memberships. Fraud above the precinct level is fraud by a public official.

Fraud on the presidential level starts with a few large cities and counties. Areas where the electoral college is a factor. In the past seventy percent turnout was great because due to unexpected events. Any area that has above 100 percent,  has a fraud factor.  The largest danger for fraud on the national are the senate races, as a metropolitan area can overrule a rural vote. Case in point a split congress. 

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