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The President’s mental capacity has been a concern of some Americans before he was elected to the oval office. But now it’s become the majority opinion. Biden’s mental health

The perception of Biden being ill is driven by more than just gaffes. Biden has always been a gaffe meister. But generally, his gaffes involved saying something stupid at the wrong time, such as when Obama was about to sign Obamacare. Joe leaned over to the President and said, “This is a big t*cking deal'” Or during the swine flu outbreak in 2009 when he told America not to fly, warning, “When one person sneezes, it goes everywhere through the aircraft.

But making gaffes as the President of the U.S.Americans and leaders of other nations hang on every word.

Recent gaffes include when he visited the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial and said “”And continue — which we must do every, every day — continue to bear witness, to keep alive the truth and honor of the Holocaust,” before correcting himself to say “horror of the Holocaust.”

Or celebrating the passage of the cynically named Inflation Reduction Act, President Biden shook Chuck Schumer’s hand. Soon after, he forgot and held out his hand for a second Schumer handshake.

Those seem tame, not dangerous. Some of his gaffes are frightening. At the end of March, when he called for a Russian regime change?” He said Russian President Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power.”

As his dementia seems to be worsening, public opinion show an increase in worrying about Biden’s mental agility. In June of this year, a Rasmussen poll revealed that 38% of likely voters believe that Joe Biden suffers from dementia.

Only two months later, Americans’ opinions about Biden’s brain have declined even further. Granted, there is a bit of “apples vs. oranges” in this comparison, according to a Issues & Insights/TIPP poll released by the N.Y. Post on Monday.

59% of respondents were “concerned” about the president’s mental health, with 36% saying they were “very concerned” and 23% “somewhat concerned.”

Just 39% said they were either “not very concerned” (18%) or “not concerned at all” (21%) about Biden’s faculties.

The remaining 2% responded that they were “not sure” about their level of concern.

Yikes, that’s even worse than what my relatives think of me.

This poll seems to confirm the reports of the Democrats losing the support of Hispanics.

Broken down by ethnicity and race, solid majorities of both Hispanics (61%) and whites (63%) expressed concerns over Biden’s mental condition. One group was a noticeable exception: blacks, among whom just 44% said they’re worried about Biden’s mental state, while 53% said they aren’t.

I’m not a Medical Doctor; however, I have lost three close relatives because of r Alzheimer’s. One was my father, of blessed memory. IMHO president Biden is displaying the same issues in the same way as those close relatives, not at the end of their illness but as their illness began to display their loss of mental capacity.

It’s time for Joe Biden’s loss of cranial agility to be tested and that information shared with the public.



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