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I am tired, disgusted, and embarrassed.  As I am sure many others are also.  Our fellow citizens that pretend to represent us at our Nation’s Capital, and even within our Local Governments, are behaving like immature teenagers, little babies, if you will. The future of our Republic, our Town, the lives of our children and grand-children, are in jeopardy. Many are afraid to see Trump win the election as he is on to the game they play. He has played it with them for many years as a private Businessman lobbying for whatever he needed.

This is what scares them the most, and because of that they want to take the ball and go home.  Or better yet, have Trump knocked out of the game and send him packing. In order to accomplish this, they must control the polls, feed the Media with lies, jump on every word he speaks, and even post questionable photos of his wife, (a Professional model), all of which they are continually doing.

The ethics, the baggage, the lies, and many other questionable practices of Hillary and Bill Clinton are beginning to be Public knowledge. So I ask, why then would the establishment be attempting to drive out Trump, and quite probably, in so doing, allow the forces of Hillary to put her in office? Do they have any idea what life in these “United States of America” would be like with the Clintons back in the Oval Office?

Of course they do.  But they are allowing themselves to believe, and maybe they are right, that Socialism would not be so bad as long as they are not on the entitlement side of the fence. They could maintain their status of empowerment, authority, the ability to enact laws that would be merely a continuance of their preferred status. And where does that leave the middle class? We would be obliterated!

I witness this also here in my own community of Thurman, N.Y. A quiet, beautiful little Town nestled in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. Yes, trickle down “politics” seems to be the practice of today.  Many of this Town have witnessed such lies and manipulations of laws, that would boggle the minds of Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, and yes, even Ronald Reagan, and Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy.  Men we could trust with our revered Nation. But today our “revered” Nation has become a puppet of empowerment for the few who claim, falsely so, to represent us.

Donald Trump would not be a disaster! His naysayers are using the fear tactic citing possibly the disaster with his finger on the “RED BUTTON”. Not so.  Being a true Businessman, he is aware and realizes the value of surrounding himself with reliable and knowledgeable aides. He is a doer; a fighter; a man that never backs down. Yes, he can be brash, and certainly not Politically Correct.  Is it not the Politically Correct concept that has put us in the precarious position that we as a Nation are today?

There is a small group here in Thurman, NY that is fighting hard to get rid of our very own empowered Establishment. We have gotten opposition from County and State agencies, telling us to solve our problems locally.  As I have stated before, that is like having the Fox investigate the chicken coop. We are, however, receiving cooperation from some independent, non-elected, civic groups. Perhaps together we will overcome. There is hope.  It exists because the ‘American Dream’, the fortitude, the pride, the strength of character, and the strength of solid togetherness, should, and will prevail.

My fellow Americans, and Thurmanites, be true to yourselves, to your principals; fight for your Liberties and Freedoms; leave for your descendants a world to be proud of, as our fore-founders did for us. They gave the ultimate sacrifice, as did our Military over the ages, to ensure we would have a Nation to be proud of. Do not let them down by caving in to the fear factor, or taking the easy road with the Establishment.  Have the courage to fight, to stand up for ourselves.

Find again “American Pride”.   As in Massachusetts, “….live free or die….”.



Jean Frances Coulard

Aug. 10, 2016


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