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This is from a friend of mine who was an Artillery Officer during Vietnam and one of his medals was a Purple Heart.  He writes very, very well!
Isn’t this the truth!!!
The youth of today have either not been taught the principles of what and why America is what it is, or they have forgotten.  I suspect it is a result of the downgrading of our Public Education System and the destruction of the moral fiber of our educators.  Either way today’s youth and young adults are dooming the future of America from within.  Couple that fact with the inaction of Congress to recolonize a crisis to which action is required  and the over reach of Government Agencies by intrusion and control.  Mix in the PC of our age and our national debt.  Put all together we are spinning out of control.  The result of such a flight can only end in a devastating crash to which the death of America is inevitable. “The Wolf’s are positioning to ravish our remains”.
The reversal of such a prognosis might not be to late. However, if immediate corrective action is applied, a revamp of the “Good ole boy, business as usual” system must be examined and eliminated where comfort and security has replaced actions “for the good of all”.  This pertains to ALL political parties.   An undoing of the Liberal attitude of equality mush be forgone and a replaced with a spirit of Patriotism.  Pride of achievement must replace the current trend towards a “Nanny State”.  The divisiveness of races must stop.  We MUST become a color blind America.  We must ALL become Americans, individuals but united in purpose and attitude towards the benefit on all.  Reestablish a charitable process of a “hand up” and elimination the “hand out” process.  Individual pride with the upward mobility as Americans for all must be incorporation in our values.  As was stated by Theodore Roosevelt, all Americans must be Americans, without exception.  Religion as a political ideology must not be allowed to exist within America.  These necessary changes must all occur within the guidelines of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Government “Of the People, by the People, for the People”.
End of toady’s rant!!!!!

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