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“To Assassinate Trump is to Assassinate the Middle Class!”

In anti-American MSM the references to JFK continue. Since December, 2016, a barrage of social engineering for the foundation of a Trump assassination, both real and political, assaults and offends the American patriot. Indeed, 50-state boycotts against the globalist advertisers funding this travesty are long overdue.

America! Wake up! The political assassination of President Trump will be the assassination of the Middle Class! Unquestionably, the cruel death of one means the cruel death of the other!

Should America have not been systematically deprived of four decades of civics books, today’s American constituency would be widely aware! Aware of what? Aware that a Strong Middle Class is the tried and true Bulwark of Western Civilization!

Today’s middle class is like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Shaking its head, beginning to stand again, stretching its massive wings under the warm sunlight… But the globalists fear its growing power as much as they fear Trump! The growing economic power and aspirations of the rising middle class they will viciously attack!

There is no denying the crucial issue: An upswing in the growth and prosperity of the Middle Class means a decline in the globalist economic strength. The globalists lose their draconian power to enslave and control while profiteering billions through disorder.

Know this! President Trump brings to the Middle Class the positive and permanent forces of order! The Marxist globalists – who pay the illegal Dept. of Ed. and media to promote Darwin and the survival-of-the-fittest, to justify their greed – promote the de-humanizing and deadly forces of disorder in an otherwise free middle-class society!

Should our great and beloved President Trump not win a second term or have his first term mitigated, in truth one will have to engrave on his gravestone, “Here lies the middle class.”

And the global Communists will have assassinated him under a willfully blind and false premise. They did the same to McCarthy and the great General MacArthur in the 1950s. That is, that anything not Communist is, or has the potential to be, a Nazi. It was this very behind-the-scenes generalized belief toward non-Communists which threatened the Communists, who literally, literally, danced on McCarthy’s grave…

The left believes this as Communism has always wanted no middle class, while Nazism, despite its many faults, wanted a strong middle class. Communism was the left win and Nazism the right wing on the same Marxist bird of prey. They had a great deal in common. But a primary difference was and is the view toward the middle class.

The American G.I. after killing Nazis, returned home, to continue life in a prosperous Middle Class.  General Patton, himself murdered behind the scenes, knew the Communists were deadly enemies of the American Middle Class.

Indeed, Nazism is dead. WWII made the world safe for Communism. Rothschilds have always funded Communism and now their agent Soros – once a Nazi collaborator as a closet Communist – is an pitifully dangerous Communist. No walls are erected to prevent the Rothschild and Soros takeover of the White House!

As the middle class Phoenix arises from the ashes, let’s simultaneously resurrect the term “dangerous Communist” and use it daily…

Truly, President Trump is the defender of the American Middle Class. Will the Middle Class be the defender of President Trump? If not, they will die and be buried together.

iPatriot Contributers


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