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In a world where individuals are unique and a foundational ingredient, there is an overwhelming chatter about the groups the individuals make up. When this banding together produces some sort of ad-hoc unity it seems the individual component is then transformed into a new entity that defines each of the individual components as a part of something that diminishes the individual’s prime attribute ( the mind ) into a lessor role that affirms and supports an elected “leader”.

Does election to spokesman stature lead to greater intelligence?  Does the brain jump a cog if a leader evolves from the pack?  Does the endorsement of a power seeker by all those less qualified , lead to advancement or an egalitarian swamp?  The history of committee functionality is well known.  What drives the individual to belong and adhere? The notion of safety in numbers is betrayed by the regulation , repression and destruction that is accomplished by the power of mobs legalizing criminal acts such as taxing ( stealing), drafting ( slavery), counterfeiting ( fiat money ), and fraud (welfare & redistribution of wealth).

It is true a government is needed to overcome the mobs of thugs that may invade or overcome individual security.  But what limits the government that becomes a burden and  proceeds down a road of identical destruction?  Who watches the hen house owned and operated by a band of foxes?  What causes politicians to enter a field where the rules are made for the citizens but ignored by the legislatures?  Acting in concert the politician who begins his career as a proponent of limited government jumps on the bandwagon of unlimited meddling and transforms himself into a a follicle enmeshed in a mire of sameness.

To want to make laws or change existing laws there must be a governing vision.  That vision cannot ignore the nature of government and the history of unlimited government.  It cannot ignore the central entity that is the individual.  It cannot ignore the demise of all who have ignored these fundamentals without proceeding to commit a national suicide.  Yet the flocks of lemmings proceed by way of evasion and platitudes to build on the mistakes of the past as if impunity was theirs to enjoin.

How does one bring into focus the self destruction of the evasionist’s persistence?  History again shows us that he who will not listen to reason must create a repression that invites rebellion.  The Soviet Union demise via a recognition of the mistaken vision they could no longer promote should offer some help to those in America who are tripping down the totalitarian path without defining their destination and pretending the road is leading to something other than what it is.  Halting this demise is not sufficient.  A reversal is required.  This means a process of deregulation and limitation of the government to only specific functions.  Unless this occurs what will prevent  the police state that instructs and enforces the individual to perform only via obedience?  No slave ever has innovated nor ever will.  The incentive of freedom and prosperity must be preserved for civilization to progress.  The limitation of government is the only way to ensure the security agents we hire do not become the thugs that demand our obedience.  The trend is always proceeding in one direction or the other.  Look at the evidence and decide accordingly.  Then act accordingly or join the group of apathetic followers enabling the thugs to run your life.


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