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A number of things have made the leap from the real world into my consciousness this past, interesting week or so.

Liberal Democrat Allan Dershowitz made an excellent observation regarding the left’s latest contrived attack on Trump, that he’s “mentally unfit,” and how it’s a standard hallmark of fascist dictatorships. And he speaks from great real world experience on the matter, having represented the defense of numerous Americans being held overseas on similar made-up charges in such bastions of freedom as Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, etc.. He accurately points out the fearful nature of such accusations designed to thwart or incarcerate somebody when they’re actually not guilty of anything but maybe having a different view of things from the dictator/accuser of the mental unfitness — basically locking them up because they don’t like them.
In the Democrat manifestation of this particular fascist aspect, I see the only REAL question of mental fitness relating to those who continue to believe those who lie to them repeatedly! The group that told them Benghazi was about a cartoon film made in CA, that they turned over all the emails, that there was nothing classified or confidential in the emails, that you can keep your doctor, that “hands up, don’t shoot” was a real thing (now fast forward a bit), that the currently shelved Republican health care proposal would kill people because it cut Medicare spending (it would have cut the GROWTH of Medicare spending by 3% from it’s 10% annual growth rate over the Obama years, so, for the math challenged, it would still GROW Medicare spending but by 9.7% a year instead of by 10%), that the new tax law would not benefit the average working American (we’re now at nearly $4 BILLION distributed by companies in bonuses, not to mention the already announced and more to come wage increases, and this all before 90% of us get the bigger paychecks next month because Uncle Sam will be cutting into them less), etc., etc..  That litany of lies should be enough to completely discount ANYTHING spewn by that group, and yet, what sort of metal fitness would still believe anything those guys say after that litany of lies?
On the subject of “belief,” the release of the tabloid gossip book, Fire and Fury, opened an interestingly insightful window of liberal vs conservative views of reality, exacerbated even more recently by Obama saying “Fox viewers live on a different planet.”  He is right about that, but that planet is planet reality, and here’s that portal of how that difference transpires.  Conservatives have always been associated with real world, fact kinds of things as opposed to liberals being focused on idealism, theoretical kinds of things… it’s even part of the meaning of their sides’ names.  When the author of that book was being interviewed and an interviewer probed him on the questioned truth of many of the stories in the book, here was his answer: “Read the book… if it rings true to you, then it’s true.”  In other words, if you can get somebody to simply BELIEVE something, that makes it true!!! Enlightening! (Sure places  high value on media or whoever convincing folks to believe something, to the point of changing the shape of planet Earth when the consensus shifted from “earth is flat” to “earth is round.” Bet there were some nasty earthquakes that day when BELIEF changed from flat to round and that forced our planet to suddenly physically change from disk to sphere… or perhaps that didn’t happen and what you believe is not equivalentto what’s true?
And speaking of living on a different planet, Nancy Pelosi referring to the windfall most Americans are getting from the tax revamp as “crumbs,” with even more deprecating adjectives around that characterization in different speeches, defines a whole new level of not grasping the real world.  How many folks have you heard of doing the Wrigley Field thing of “throwing the ball back” by returning those “insulting crumbs” bonus checks for thousand of dollars to the bosses who issued them?  Even if they really are just insulting crumbs, if you’re hungry, crumbs are welcome, and the relevant fact to keep in mind is that even measley crumbs such as these were nowhere to be found under Obama. If there have been no crumbs out there but now there are    , be thankful for crumbs and whoever/whatever led to their being there.
Ugly talk but everything works vs pretty talk but nothing works (this could also be titled “style vs substance,” with the Dems focusing on an admittedly ugly style but avoiding the inarguable success of Trump’s substance):
— not only no 3% growth under Obama, but also his excuse it’s a different world now and growth greater than 2% no longer possible, vs instant 3% growth under Trump once Obama economic shackles removed.
— record numbers on food stamps, record minority unemployment, record low home ownership under Obama, now 2 MILLION less on food stamps, lowest black and Hispanic unemployment in history, etc., and these kinds of metrics could fill page upon page at the end of Trump’s first year.
Enlightened liberals even re-tweeting things like, “I have on good authority that Trump has a very small penis.”  Frankly, I’m willing to have a President with a small penis that produces record stock market, finally economic growth and prosperity, than an Obama who may have been hung like a horse but produced the above disastrous economic numbers and national racial strife (based in large part on those very same disastrous economic numbers, plus rhetoric that “the man putting them down” was the reason for their malaise rather than the crappy economy) and international disasters like paying Iran billions to fund international terrorism, tipping off the Iranian #2 terrorist in the world (after Osama) that he was a target of Israeli assassination, and allowing North Korea to build their nukes unimpeded.  Even apart from the irrelevance, at least to me, of presidential genitalia, I’m willing to put up with Trump’s ugly talk but fantastic results vs Obama’s beautiful rhetoric but inability to make positive things happen.
And that brings me to my final observation for this biweekly sequel to my last rambling.  I’ve said for years that Robert Reich is the biggest loser economist that I’ve ever known.  It’s no surprise that this economic “icon” of the left has been a guiding beacon for the fiscal disasters of the Obama era.  Among all the “this disaster is going to happen” things that the Hillbama/Pelosi/Schumer/non-Fox media talking heads said would transpire under Trump but have not, and in most cases the diametric opposite has, non has been more spectacularly wrong than Reich pontificating that a Trump victory would lead to a US market collapse and subsequent associated worldwide economic depression.  Brilliant, perfectly on target for a Nobel Economics Prize recipient.  Which leads me to one last “collusion” epiphany:  with Reich getting that and Obama getting his, the on the ground evidence would have to make one think the Dems were colluding with the Nobel committee!

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