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Even though the Republicans kept the House and the Senate and won the White House that doesn’t mean we will have sunshine, lollipops and roses for the next four and maybe eight years.   We still have RINO’s in the Republican Party, Paul Ryan, John McCain, Lindsey Grahamnesty Graham and a few others that actually belong in the Democrat Party.  None of the above seem to want to represent the American people and their values. When Paul Ryan was elected Speaker of the House his first act was to block amendments to improve a flawed refugee resettlement bill:

The first major action Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) will take as Speaker of the House is blocking amendments with a closed rule process on a flawed bill dealing with immigration.

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mike McCaul’s (R-TX) American Security Against Foreign Enemies (SAFE) Act – which he claims “puts in place a robust vetting process for refugees” – is under heavy scrutiny as it heads for a vote on the House floor Thursday. Members of both the Republican Party and Democratic Party have criticized it—President Obama has even threatened a veto of it if it ever reaches his desk, while several Republicans believe it’s simply a show vote that won’t fix the problem. Now it’s official, as of late Wednesday evening: House GOP leadership is blocking any amendments from being offered to the bill as the legislation is rushed to the House floor.

Despite all of the talk that the process in the House would open up under Ryan in the wake of now former House Speaker John Boehner—who resigned from Congress after being driven out of the Speakership by members of his own party furious with his lack of openness in legislative process—Ryan has, on his first major move as Speaker, shut down the process entirely. It’s unclear if it will ever get better.” 1


One of the reasons he was put in that position was because John Boehner would not even make an effort to stop Obama’s immigration policies ignoring America’s immigration laws.  Ryan was no better.  He allowed the Omibus Bill to fly right through the House funding Obama’s illegal immigration program.

Speaking before the Senate floor, Sen. Jeff Sessions cited Paul Ryan’s omnibus bill as one of the reasons GOP voters are in open rebellion. After examining the contents of the bill, he couldn’t be more correct.

Specifically in regards to the issue of immigration, the bill won’t “make America great again,” to say the least.

 Let’s just examine the various perks for illegal immigrants contained in Ryan’s omnibus bill, beginning with young illegals:

Though much of the public attention has surrounded the President’s 2014 executive amnesty, the President’s 2012 amnesty quietly continues to churn out work permits and federal benefits for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens. Paul Ryan’s bill funds entirely this 2012 executive amnesty for “DREAMers”—or illegal immigrants who came to the country as minors.

Many of us would like more legal immigration, and it’s specifically desirable to have high-skilled immigrants. Ryan funds just the opposite:

The provision “would quadruple the number of H-2B visas for unskilled guest workers, for a total of more than 250,000,” writes immigration attorney Ian Smith. The Americans who fill these jobs are typically “society’s most vulnerable — including single women, the disabled, the elderly, minorities, teenagers, students, and first-generation immigrants,” Smith explains.2


This is NOT the action of a man that is concerned about the concerns of the American people.  It is the action of a globalist thumbing his nose at the electorate and stabbing them in the back.  Even in the face of muslim terror attacks on American  soil, San Bernardino, Fort Hood, Boston, Orlando when Trump called for a moratorium on immigration from the nations that sent us the people that did these things, Ryans comment was, “That’s not who we are.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan said at a press conference that Trump’s comments are “not who we are as a party” and violate the Constitution.

“This is not conservatism,” the Wisconsin representative said, adding, “Some of our best and biggest allies in this struggle and fight against radical Islam terror are Muslims.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said such a ban would be “completely inconsistent with American values.”

“(And) to show how completely and totally unworkable it would be, King Abdullah of Jordan, a great friend and ally of ours, would presumably not be able to come to the United States,” McConnell said. “How about President Ghani of Afghanistan, a great friend and ally of ours who would not be able to come to the United States. This suggestion is completely and totally inconsistent with American values.” 3


There will be opposition from many Republicans on many things that the people themselves want.  Just today it was revealed that the House will not move forward with the impeachment of IRS head John A. Koskinen:

Members of the House failed at another attempt to impeach Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John A. Koskinen this week. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) introduced the measure, H.Res.828, which “[r]esolves that John Andrew Koskinen, Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), is impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors and that specified articles of impeachment be exhibited to the Senate.”

A motion to table the measure failed while a motion to simply refer the matter back to the Judiciary Committee passed with a 342-72 vote. The final tally showed 166 Republicans joining 176 Democrats to vote yes, 72 Republicans voting no, and 19 members who did not vote. You can see how your Representative voted here.

If that sounds like progress, it’s not: it’s a step backward. Earlier this year, the House sidestepped a similar resolution introduced by Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) to move impeachment proceedings forward; yet another resolution from the fall of 2015 also failed. 4


It is hard to hold people accountable when you refuse to make them accountable. You have to ask yourself, ”When will our so-called leaders be held accountable for their actions?” You cannot convince me that Ryan wasn’t behind this.  Ryan has given everything to Obama that he has wanted.


Trump has few friends in Congress and that means that Americans have few friends in Congress.  Our only hope is that Trump exposes those that oppose the things that are needed to turn America around and he will.  McCain was part of the Gang of Eight and has become worthless to the Republican Party.  Lindsey Graham and fellow traitor Chuck Shumer are putting together a bill to make Obama’s unconstitutional Dreamers Executive Order law!

An amnesty created by executive action can be rescinded by executive action. And as chance would have it, the incoming president is an outspoken opponent of amnesty, exactly the kind of guy who’d be inclined to rescind. DACA, Obama’s programs for DREAMers, could be history less than two months from now. What’s a border dove like Lindsey Graham to do? Why, write a bill that would give DREAMers legal status under federal law, of course. Then the issue would be settled and there’d be nothing President Trump could do to take that status away.

Seems like a logical project for amnesty fans to take up in the lame-duck session. Except that … Graham’s not trying to get this done in the lame-duck. He’s expecting Trump to sign the bill into law next year. And really, he has no choice on the timing: It’s hard to imagine Mitch McConnell ramming an amnesty through for Barack Obama’s signature with a Republican successor just weeks away from taking office.5


This is the group that Trump is going to have to work with.  He wasn’t supposed to win any primaries, but he did.  He wasn’t supposed to win the nomination, but he did.  He wasn’t supposed to win the election, but he did.  They say he would get done what he promised he would do.  He’s already saved 1100 jobs and has brought investments to America that will bring tens of thousands of jobs to America.  He’s only been president-elect for 30 days and he’s done more good for America than Obama has done for the last eight years.  The Stock market was supposed to crash if he was elected.  It’s been setting new highs on a daily basis.

“Don’t fight the trend” is an often-used expression on Wall Street. It may be truer now than ever. Casting a dubious eye on what has amounted to a spectacular rise for equity markets since Donald Trump became president-elect in November is proving a costly enterprise.

Whether the advance for equities can sustain itself over the next month and into 2017 is anyone’s guess, but for now investors who have been reluctant to embrace the unabashed exuberance that has gripped stock investors ought over the past month are losing money.

Underscoring that point, four closely watched gauges of the health of the market ripped higher Wednesday to mark fresh closing highs, even as health-care stocks IBB, -2.94%  were stumbling badly after Trump suggested that he may crack down on the pricing power some drugmakers wield. 6


We can only sit back and watch.  In my opinion, our prospects are 1000% better than it would have been with Hillary.  Just like the Democrats told us to give Obama a chance, they need to do the same with Trump.  They might if they can give up their pacifiers, coloring books and safe spaces long enough to do what they demanded we do, work with Obama.  We did and he failed miserably.  But then he had never accomplished anything in his life prior to his political carrier.  There could be no expectations of great things.  Trump has accomplished many things and will outperform Obama probably before his first day in office.

Only Time will tell.

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