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They Fear Us – that is – We The People:

There are priorities that the law enforcement agencies with the fancy initials have regarding who and what are the most feared elements in the Republic. On good authority I can state that it is an armed and trained guerrilla resistance movement. The fear is rightly held because a loosely tied band of sharpshooters, trained in guerrilla warfare and spread across the country can make it a nightmare for law enforcement. If that group of rebels decides to go after the lawbreakers who have ripped the Constitution to shreds and recreated the elites that were rebelled against by the Founding Fathers, then it will be hard even with modern technologies to find, uproot and route this kind of force. 

Know this. Even with a propaganda network (aka the mainstream media) reporting the bilge water that will be spewed by the fearful politicians and their supporters, this force of patriots can whittle away their numbers and make their lives and the lives of their families a living hell. Take comfort in that folks. Embrace a militia member now while you can and make plans to support that force when it comes into play. These folks can and will provide protection to your families when push comes to shove. Many of you are aware of how your own family and your love for them will be used against you. Many will die, but to the survivors who will be rabid in their need for revenge if their families are hurt or held hostage, it will become a sacred mission to free them or avenge them and make those responsible to suffer.

Am I an advocate for armed rebellion? – you bet your sweet bippy I am. Do I love the Constitutional Republic? Absolutely. If you read the Declaration of Independence you will be surprised to find the conditions that existed in that day and age are back. What would our Founders do today? – exactly what they did then. Freedom is worth the price it takes to keep it.

Get ready folks, the day of the patriot is coming. Decide which you will be, the capitulator or the Constitutionalist, the turncoat or the rebel? History will remember you and the memory that your descendants will have of you will be determined by the preparations that you make today for that evil day that we have entered into.


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