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A recent study has indicated that over time, many people change their intractable thinking and positions on a variety of issues, and when confronted by documentary proof of their former opinions, find it incredible that they could have held such beliefs. In looking back on a variety of articles I have written, I have found that my beliefs and opinions have changed very little over the years. For Example:

On August 5, 2009 at 11:34:48 PM at Magic City Morning star, I published an article titled: “Political Correctness and Schoolyard Bullying.” Although it was published almost seven years ago, my current opinion is the same as that expressed in the article. Sociopathic Political Correctness Ideologues and Thought Police are bullies and I would go so far as to say that in the deepest recesses of their minds and hearts, they are nothing like what they pretend to be. They are a mass of conflicting emotional and psychological issues that manifest in their totalitarian ideology. And that is what makes them bullies.

Political Correctness and Schoolyard Bullying

The other week I published an article at Magic City Morning Star News about racism. I spent about six weeks writing, revising, thinking and rewriting that article. Right up to the moment I published it, I wasn’t happy with it because it was missing something. I knew that something was missing and I knew that it was the central idea that I wanted to express, but I just couldn’t work out what exactly that was. Not long after I published it, I read an article about how a fourth student in six months from the same school has committed suicide. Last night I dreamt about that article and when I woke up this morning, I realised what it was that was missing from my article about racism.

The central core of Political Correctness in all it’s forms, is nothing more than school yard bullying.

Those people who fly off the handle constantly accusing others of being racists and xenophobes; of being ethnocentrists and discriminatory, are not the mature, kind hearted, loving human beings whose heart bleeds for the oppressed of society, they are the bullies who throw their weight around to force everyone around them to do, say and think what they the Politically Correct insist must be done, said and thought.

The schoolyard bully is generally an emotionally immature individual either as a result of a lack of proper nurturing or as a result of abuse. They are emotionally crippled individuals. They all have one thing in common though, and that is that they ‘love’ pushing people around. They love picking on the defenceless. When caught out in their behaviour, they will lie through their teeth; blame everyone else for their own actions, and accuse everyone else of having caused trouble. They are always in their own minds – victims!

Cultural Marxists come in two colours. One is the ideologue who pretends to care about his country but cares only for political power. The other is the ‘user’ who jumps on the bandwagon of any movement that will serve his immediate purpose; feed his immediate needs, and make himself feel important. Political Correctness Ideology, whilst presenting itself as very humanistic; very altruistic; is first and foremost about ‘schoolyard bullies’ pushing people around. They don’t care who they hurt. They don’t care what disruption they bring to the lives of those around them. They are concerned only with ‘self-pleasuring.’ They care only about what makes them ‘feel good.’

And one of the things that they really hate, are the moralizers. To tell a bully that his behaviour is wrong, robs the bully of his sense of being ‘right.’ Whilst bullies will usually stand down if you stand up to them, they will hate you for making them lose face. They will hate you for robbing them of their power. And like their victims who finally get pushed over the edge, they too will come running out with everything in their arsenal to destroy those who shattered their world.

PC police are bullies, and bullies have victims, and sometimes those victims mentally disintegrate to the point that they take loaded weapons into schools and workplaces and reek havoc on those who caused them pain. Those evil little ‘schoolyard type’ PC bullies who spend their days abusing society as a whole, may one day find that society as a whole will get so sick and tired of abuse, that it will grab it’s collective gun and ‘rub out’ the ferral PC animals in their midst.

Like all those ‘ethnic’ groups around the world that the PC hearts bleed for, abused western society may one day rebel and/or take up arms against ‘the totalitarian overlords who daily oppress them,’ and rob them of their cultural identity.

The cultural marxist wants to destroy western society as it is and replace it with it’s own (and around the world many times over proved inferior) vision of society. But the Cultural Marxists may one day find that the ‘ethnic western society’ will not only abandon it’s culture – eg: it’s present day cultural tolerance, multiculturalism and cultural diversity, and seek to destroy all those who have oppressed it in whatever name. If there is one lesson to be learned from around the world about race, racism, ethnicity, totalitarianism, and democracy, it is that sooner or later people raise up in violence to protect their cultural identity.

I am not one of the ruling class who wants to oppress the ordinary citizen of my country. I am not one of those who wield power, publically shaming, condemning and punishing citizens who don’t toe the ideological line. I am not one of those who insists that anyone who does not believe what I teach, is an inferior person. I am one who loves my country and it’s history and it’s culture – even if like every other country, that country, history and culture is not perfect. I will not live my life in ‘false guilt’ foisted onto me by ‘schoolyard bullies’ who want to have power over me.

I will not abandon my religious faith and my social convictions because a big enough bunch of cretins has been mobilized to support the ‘schoolyard bullies’ and their lies.

I am a free person; raised to believe in a person’s right to think and believe what they like. I was brought up to have enough manners not to go around insulting people or deliberately or accidentally causing them physical or emotional pain.

And I am a person who was taught that it is better to tell the truth than to lie. And if there is one thing that Politically Correct Ideology is already well known for, it is that it insists that you lie. It insists that you never say what you truly think and feel. It insists that you must publically pretend to have one feeling in your heart when you have quite another.

If you want to know the true face of Political Correctness – come to China! You see it everyday!

Political correctness is the tool that the overlord uses to keep the sheep in control!

If you exercise control over people for too long, they will eventually rebel – even with bloodshed.

The Cultural Marxists should pay attention to the lessons of history!

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