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Many years ago, we listened to the good Doctor who told us to “…. spare the rod and spoil the child …. “.

Didn’t work out so well, did it?? Now we have an entire generation, or two, of spoiled brats, of middle-aged people that have no sense of self-reliance, no common sense to solve problems on their own, and have come to rely on the Government too heavily.

Some friends and family take my words personally, and do not see their validity. To them I say think about what has transpired over the years. I speak not of all, but a significant number among us that bow to every demand and request from every faction within our Society. Such actions are a cowardly manner used to buy votes, and thereby retain the power and financial rewards of their position.

The Black Community wants reparation for their years of slavery. The Muslims want all pork and ham products taken out of our daily diets. What about the descendants of the American Indian, who are aware of the treatment of the “Red” man when the Mayflower landed? Years of slaughter and war finally saw a meeting of the minds. Must we go through that again?

The Education Community wants to tell us how to feed our children, what they should be taught in School, what school they must attend. They (the children) are bombarded with violence and sex on the TV.

Yes, War is violent on the TV and in the movies. But we give our children the respect and understanding to realize this is History. This is reality. Not something to be admired and copied. History should be a primary subject in our Schools. The young should be made aware of the sacrifice, the bloodshed, and the Patriotism that gave us the life we have today. This will cover the evil and horror of the slaughter of the Indian, and the slavery of the Black man, and the trials and stress of those first coming to our shores. Knowledge of those times should be sufficient, not financial reparation. No amount of money can repay for the pain and suffering. It seems to be just another way to get free money from the Government. The American Dream is not handed to every Immigrant that comes off the boat. They must learn to earn. They must work as our Forefathers, to deserve the Liberties and Freedoms of this land.

The Government, in giving in to the ridiculous demands of the generations growing up, and those who come to our shores with their hands out, are taking away the American spirit. Our Legislators have become so accustomed to their “careers” of Civil Service; they have become puppets of the greed and self-enticement of the Socialist movement. They no longer represent the people that put them there or pay their salary. They enjoy lengthy vacations and recesses. They decide the timing and amount of their pay and the Health Benefits subsidized by the tax dollars of the Citizenry.

Term limits must be enacted. The Government must once again be “of the People, for the People, and by the People”. We must demand our Country be returned to ‘we the People’. Words are not sufficient. Corruption will not be defeated by words. Actions by the people, by petition, by protest, by gatherings, and by obeying and adhering to our Laws; by any means available that will bring the light of day to these ladies and gentlemen who think they know what is best for us; when all the while they are concerned only with what is best for them.


We must stand behind our President. He is not an experienced Politician; his efforts to stop the snails-pace that our Bureaucratic Government follows is criticized by those who only work over lunch or dinner or on the Golf Course. When they do assemble more time is spent socializing on the floor and in Committee rooms, than actual discussion and debate. Follow the President’s lead, and get to work!

This is the land of the FREE! You are free to move up the ladder, or sit at the bottom, on the street corner, with your empty cup out; or stand on lines to get the Government freebies, and thereby lose every ounce of self-respect and will that God has given.

He gave us the tools to make a good life; pick them up and get to work.

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