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Political correctness has become a form of slavery of speech, and thought; the thing is that it goes against common sense; in other words, it has caused anyone who is afraid to say anything, or do anything, like in the case of that couple in San Bernardino who shot all those people at a Christmas party.

The reason I bring this because before the shooting there is a woman who lived next door to the couple who shot those people who they killed then, my point here is that the woman who lived next door to this couple who were part of ISIS, and they had been radicalized by that radical terrorist group; the woman who lived next door to that couple could have reported the suspicious activities that the couple was doing, she could have reported them to the police FBI, but she didn’t because she was afraid of being accused of being called a racist; this is my point here, political correctness is like a type of mental enslavement, to the point where someone is even afraid to use common sense in a situation like that for example. It is nothing but insanity, it is was created by people with a utopia mindset, which is:(sadly), taught in certain leftist colleges in this country, and taught by college professors of a utopia mindset also.

There is another example of this with the whole sporting goods store Dick’s not selling guns anymore for example; another thing given how the news media has become a part of the political correctness movement to point where they have become a part of group think, which in my option has become a part of political correctness, and in all honesty is the result of it. Group think is type of mental enslavement to the point where you don’t think for yourself, and you go along with the crowd basically; it’s the kind of thing that most people with good parents would have taught them not to do; to basically don’t go along with the crowd, and to think for yourself basically.

Political correctness is anti-common sense and anti-free thinking, to anyone who have brainwashed into group think.!

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