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Political correctness, it seems to me, is more about every sort of fringe and super minority groups demanding their recognition and power.

That translates, in part, to the minority becoming the new majority and the majority becoming becoming the new minority.  If the heterosexual population percentage is 96.7%, the Christian based affiliations is 83% and the true middle class the highest economic group…why is every other voice allowed to demand and want and insist and accommodated more than the majority?

It is taking advantage by pleading to those in power who seek to pandering accommodation to the disadvantage and ignoring of the majority, who are, unfortunately, too often silent.

I continue to be be shocked by the daily barrage of unfair, but purposeful, coverage of the election.

Not only is everything Trump says and does portrayed in a negative light, including many choice minus words, the opposite is true for Hillary.  If the party nominees were of opposite parties,  the media unbalanced coverage and commentary would certainly be merciless against Hillary.

It shouldn’t be a surprise after the last 7 3/4 years, but everyday I watch news and commentary and coverage, I am still shocked and more than bit scared of what’s happening and what’s to come.



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