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Do they all work in tandem, behind closed doors where the general public cannot see them? You bet!

Sec. of State John Kerry just made a deal and praised his Russian counterpart for his cooperation and his good input. Yet when Trump praised Putin for his leadership with Russia he was called a traitor! The Liberal Democrats have a unique way of interpreting the words of their opponents.

Hillary has stated “…half of Trump supporters are deplorable…”, and she went on to describe just what she considered deplorable, and that wasn’t very pleasant either.

I would expect Donald Trump has done a great deal of research into any proposed opponent. This is a trait of any good Negotiator; as is remembering something personal that is close to an opponent’s heart, and alluding to it in a compassionate way.

I particularly remember in the early days of his campaign, and especially after the primaries, he hinted about his knowledge of Hillary.  Remembering his close acquaintance with the Clintons when they were in the White House, I suspect that relationship to be a Politically motivated scenario, and not one of “friendship”. One would expect that a businessman from the New York area to be included in that particular social stratus since NY is so Liberally Democratic.  He knew where “…his bread was buttered…”. Much like the method of all Washington Pols. Politics and business have many common ground applications.  However, when the “lawyer” aspect rears its head, the manipulation of words and deeds begins.  Any good business person knows well that one does not manipulate or lie about the actions or words of another, one simply “schmooses” their counterpart. (note I do not use the word “opponent”)

Very early in my days of opining the Political scene, I constantly referred to the fact that a Business man/woman would and should be a welcome change in the Oval office. Our World has become very complicated over time with the computer age; and the techno-advantages it has spawned, have necessitated a change in the methods of Nations interacting and dealing with each other. We must accept and embrace the changes, but also at the same time, we must walk the fence of common ground.

I fear the advent of “One World Order”, as our Earth is much too large to be governed by a single body.  Our forefathers recognized this principle when initiating a Republic. State’s rights must be recognized and kept. It is imperative in a Democracy. So also should Countries individual rights be recognized and kept.

George Soros prowls like a hungry lion in his appetite for power. He has been financially supportive to his subordinates, as he was with Obama and is with Hillary. He was extremely supportive of one Adolf Hitler back in the day. I have read summaries of his biography, and while he has certainly amassed a great fortune in his dealings and investments (his worth is said to be around 28 million), nowhere could I find any substantive information as to just how he did so. There-fore I can only assume it was through his investments, and not through any ownership or partnership of a valid ‘business’. He did, and possibly may still have, an investment firm. He has, in my opinion, had a keen appetite to manipulate and control markets, and thereby build his fortune.

My only complaint and concern, is the influence and finances he exerts on our government.  Many put the blame of the collapse of the European market on Mr. Soros. I put the responsibility of putting Barack Obama in a position he was not properly prepared for and making a complete fiasco of the American Presidency, on Mr. Soros.

I was about to close when I received the information that Hillary Clinton had to leave the 9/11 ceremony.  She was helped to her vehicle, and lost a shoe while attempting to get in.  She was taken to her daughter’s residence, where, later, upon leaving, she said she had a heat episode. I can certainly understand that in a New York Summer.  How-ever I question why the person standing next to her was holding a folded umbrella.  Showers were expected, and the temperature was reported to be in the 70’s. We shall see what the excuses are, although I would not hang my hat on the weather forecast.


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