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‘My God’! Elizabeth Warren has a not-so-modest proposal involving Facebook, Google, and Amazon!

The above article title is courtesy of Twitchy as you might know is were Michelle Malkin made her name as an American conservative woman. If you don’t know who Michelle Malkin is there is no hope for you. This particular post was penned by Doug P. I bet they made a lot of fun of him in public school. Actually with a last name like P they probably still do. I think I’ll join in on the fun.

Pocahontas wants Facebook, Google, and Amazon to be broken up into several smaller companies. For the life of m,e I can’t understand what is wrong with that kind of thinking. I’d go a step further and break up the news organizations too. Doesn’t seem right that 6 companies control all the news. I’m pretty sure that the United States also has laws against monopolies. It isn’t like these companies are owned by just one person they are owned by thousands of people. People who just might benefit by being part owners of a smaller company they might have a bigger voice in and that also has competition driving it.

The problem with some of these huge corporations is that they prevent regular people from being able to compete with them. Unless you have a thousand investors with deep pockets and a small army of lawyers it is very hard to start a business. Big business pushes for regulations because it shuts out their competition because they can absorb the cost of the regulations while the little guy can’t. You might build a better mousetrap but good luck manufacturing it yourself and without having to sell off pieces of your business to make payroll. If you manage to build a successful business before you know it, it can belong to someone else or more likely some other group than you.

Facebook and Google have clearly abused their power as corporations and probably so has Amazon and every other behemoth. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. We should never allow any single corporation to become so powerful that it becomes more powerful than the government and/or the people.

Ok, so no one likes Elisabeth Warren. She’s a liar and a phony who pretended to be an Indian squaw for privileges she had not been qualified for. But like the old saying goes “Even a broken clock is right twice a day”. Perhaps for the first time in her idiotic career, she has managed to make sense to the non-sheeple.

My question is how will the conservative media handle this if twitchy acts as if her comments represent the end of the world. Conservative media has been a bit of a disappointment lately with too many “Weekly World News” headlines and stories that don’t pear up to those headlines. I suspect the ones who are in it more for the money are going to repeat twitchy’s end of the world prophecy.

And that’s a dam shame.

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