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In 1943 President Roosevelt passed Executive Order 9328 that imposed a wage freeze on employers both corporate and private. The order worked very, very well in favor of the big U.S. Corporations and was a catalyst for the waning of small independent businesses. There was a shortage of workers due to the war effort so there was competition to hire workers between the big ‘too big to fail’ corporations and the private small businesses. Since the E.O. 9328 made it illegal to lure workers to work for their companies by offering higher wages, the ‘too big to fail’ corporations were able to attract the most workers by offering health care benefits. This was the catalyst for the ending free enterprise in the health care industry. Since the company was paying the medical bills, people stopped using consumer-based purchasing decisions necessary to make the free enterprise work, therefore, prices skyrocketed. The consumers didn’t care if they went to the ER and it cost hundreds of dollars or went to their family doctor at a fraction of the cost because they weren’t paying the bill.

The U.S. Government further damaged the free enterprise characteristics of the health care industry by paying medical schools NOT to educate as many doctors. This helped cause a shortage of physicians and drive costs up more. Our government is either most incompetent or they planned it all, only free-thinkers know the answer.

It shouldn’t surprise the American Citizens that our government would be so willing to spend money overseas on undeclared wars and police actions while Americans suffer at home. We all witnessed the debacle in 2011 while the Republicrats fussed over the debt ceiling and said it had to be resolved because they couldn’t guarantee that the Social Security checks would be sent out. Really? —they would do that to our moms and dads before cutting foreign aid? Yes, they would because Lockheed, Boeing, Chase and Goldman Sachs are ‘too big to fail’.

The hypocrisy of that whole situation reminds me of the hypocrisy of the Republicrats and the Neocon talking head radio hosts that tell us to store up food because soon we may be starving yet condemn Ron Paul for wanting to cut foreign aid and police action wars if they aren’t declared by Congress for an expedient victory.

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