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A real stink has been stirred up. Why? The blame can be placed on the arrogant politicians who overstepped their bounds. Defying constituents, ignoring reality, and trying to put into play that which cannot and will not work has been the unidentified battle plan and like the wars of stalemate without defined victory, the politicians stumbled big time.

The benefit of the doubt has always been the American way. When listening to politicians bluster and blather the American public has always conveyed the benevolence of assuming the politician had good intensions. They may have discarded and forgiven overstatements of impossible promises and even been willing to recognize that political victory must sometimes rely on hyperbole. This stretching of reality can only extend so far.

To further exacerbate the situation those awarded offices for years decided to push the button of arrogance well beyond the acceptable. The demeaning of the rage by those paying the bills was treated with far too much indifference and this approach is the death knell for trust. The American people are not European drones willing to put up with unlimited controls and complain after the fact. Americans bristle when they are pushed into a corner. They have pride in who they are and their country and they are not about to let a bunch of thugs rule with full blown arrogance. The government lawmakers have made criminals out of citizens with their onslaught of rules and regulations , taken away incentive to profit by their taxes and licenses and show no sign of recognizing where they are taking the country. They deny the use of the word socialism as if they know its viciousness but cannot bring themselves to recognize by name it when they try to institute it.

The main stream media evidently doesn’t care if the policies are contrary to their welfare as they are willing to accept the label of bias towards totalitarianism. As long as they simply treat government expansion as inevitable they are content to simply report without any critical commentary. Fawning over altruistic “progress” is their mantra and questioning its validity never enters the group think world they live in.

The challenge the American people are presenting to the politicians is to do something they have programmed themselves to ignore. Instead of pontificating from a podium it is time to take an intense listening tour and hear some ideas that shrink the scope of government, free up the citizens from the yoke of taxes and regulation and in short recognize they have a specific job to do which is protecting individual rights instead of violating them.

The unrest of the American people is a rebellion of the identity theft that the current administration is trying to pull off. Americans have been self sufficient and independent with a gradual infusion of dependencies that is now reaching the point of unaffordability. They have contributed, thinking common sense and fiscal restraint would eventually triumph. What they saw instead was a blatant disregard not only of their expectations but an outright push to bankrupt the nation. Trillions in debt cannot be dismissed as insignificant as the billions of the past were treated. The breaking point where a disabled (by government) economy cannot recover from such a burden has been reached. The mounting interest payment, the loss of industry and jobs and taxpayers, the drain of stalemate wars, a proposal in the trillions for more government takeovers in the healthcare and energy industries has awakened the sleeping giant that Japan recognized after Pearl Harbor. This time the attack by the politicians is being met with the resources they sought to command and are now faced with the justice they deserve. The politicians can play down the people who travelled to the Washington Mall and the media can dismiss the crowds of discontented but the voices will not be silenced by phony promises and typical politician placating. This time the crisis is real, the enemy is fully exposed and the side with power will not sheepishly relent to the feigned threats , fear mongering and tired tactics of the exposed.

We are seeing what Bill Clinton saw when he pronounced , “ The era of big government is over”. Except the Republicans themselves re-instituted what they were elected to reject. Thus they joined the Democrats in an orgy of spending and now are not exempt from the citizen’s wrath. The absence of politicians at these tea parties is noteworthy. They are finally running scared. They bluster in their halls of seclusion but they dare not publicly declare their innocence. They have none to declare. They are finally finding out that revolution is a real possibility. They are longing for the old days and act as if they can return without consequences to the same old policies but change is once again in the air,better defined, with more passion and determination.

The politicians are hoping for calm and quiet where they can continue their pompous redistribution schemes without a lot of hullaballoo. They have been found out that they are not looking out for the rights of man but interested in seeing how many they can violate without paying for their treachery. Scratch the soul of today’s politicians and find someone who is trying to see what he or she can get away with ( i.e. not get caught.). Not only have a few finally got caught for blatant misbehavior such as Charlie Rangel but the whole mob has been found out to be compliant in the impending bankruptcy of the country. It is time for calling the public servants in on the carpet and letting them know they are failures in doing the job they were hired to do. The pork has not been gifts from them but theft from the taxpayer and presented as chattel. We don’t need con artists to redistribute what ever they can get their hands on that other people have earned. We don’t need to hire intermediaries to take and give at their political pleasure. We don’t need politicians with unlimited power and /or scope of intervention. We need a new breed that understands the role of government is necessarily limited. We also need a media that doesn’t insist on condoning and praising political suicidal policies.


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