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Dear Mr. Penzey:
Less than 48 hours after receiving our most recent order of peppers and spices the other day, this one for around 40-bucks, I read in the news today that you attacked and libeled us.  It seems that after the credit card charge cleared, and our order shipped, you took to Facebook to call my wife, Holly,  and me “racists.”
Really Mister Penzey?  My wife is from New York, I am from Boston, we have lived in several states and traveled internationally. Our culture is American Culture, a Picasso of colors, smells, foods and experiences.  For two decades now we have lived in a land where the fairy tales your kind chase are real and unicorns frolic, it’s called “California”.
In your Facebook screed you wrote that my wife and I have never experienced “…the heartbreaking destruction racism causes has never been anything you or your loved ones have had to experience.” Lot of that going on there in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin?  Wiki says whites out number all other colors combined by a ratio of 9-1 there. So, how old were you when you met your first black person, Hmong, Pacific Islander?   Published Penzey clan photos make the family owned company look to me to be about as diverse as a is a clan with a “K”.  What’s up with that?
Bottom line, we’re done with Penzey’s.  You bit our hand and that hand now refuses to feed. There will be no future orders.  A planned visit to shop your Santa Rosa bricks & mortar store this Holiday Weekend is now off, and we demand to return, at your expense, our recent order for a full refund.
A shame really.  Discovered you by accident while in Ohio, less than a year ago, and have since populated our spice cupboard with your products.  As a home cook hobbyist I have been a pretty darn good word of mouth salesman for you too.  However, we will not support the continuation of eight years of hate and division being promoted by the Penzey family, nor shall we enable your efforts with our further patronage.  We, personally, sacrificed everything, including my health, fighting against that very socitial cancer  in recent years, and in defense of your right to shoot your mouth off and be an anti-American dick.  My life has been devoted to defending those kinds of Human Rights.  As a teen and young man I was on the front line of a similar fight as rocks flew and troops lined the streets in Boston, as was I counted even earlier as a child in tow, during the upheavals of the Sixties.
OUR Right is to not associate with you.
Please advise as to how to complete our return for refund.

iPatriot Contributers


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