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Any one can call someone else racist.

This shocking article shows how the folks at Penzey’s Spices recently called all Trump voters Racist. It’s disgusting.

Unfortunately, Mr. Penzey is offering no proof and just his opinion. I know for a fact that Donald Trump hires Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and other minorities. If I am not mistaken one of his campaign managers is a black woman. Trump hires people by their skills and performance not their color.
This insulting piece is dead wrong. I suspect the Democrats are attacking Trump with lies and BS. It is terribly sad that some people in the country have sunk below the level of the animals. Here is a good example. We have seen the lies and distortion of the Democrats and their “Win any way you can.” philosophy. This is in part Hillary was rejected that the polls. Liars and criminal behavior only go so far.
Hillary has done both for many years.
Attacking Trump only goes to show how shallow the Democrats and their supporters are. I would caution Mr. Penzey there is such a thing as Slander. That is where someone Aires a public statement that is a lie to hurt or harm someone’s reputation. I would think Trump now has the right to sue him. If he has proof of his statements let him bring them forward. The days of Wallace are long behind us. Has not Hillary been proven to be a criminal?

Sounds like the Pot calling the Kettle black.

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