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Let’s start with this right up front, this writer and the website I edit stand in full support of President Trump and the efforts of his entire administration. If we find fault it is only because of the great opportunity we now have to re-direct the nation back on a course, which will correct the long decline we suffered under the lawless Obama administration.

Recently, a friend sent an email in which he reminded me that great demonic forces are now attacking the Trump efforts to help our nation. I told him that I agree with him in every point he made.

Yet, there is the other side to the argument. Isn’t it also a propitious moment to check whether the Spirit of God (Holy Spirit) is also trying to keep the new administration on course? Between the promises made to America and the strong call for the new leaders to deal with the moral issues that have plagued, divided and weakened our nation, shouldn’t the preachers, moralist, prophets and communicators in all fields be checking in on the administration and providing input and direction?

Let’s take an honest look.

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More hate crimes have been leveled against Jewish people and synagogues than all anti-Muslim crimes together. It is only the fear of being labeled an Islamophobe, a homophobe, a hater or a bigot that causes all, but the very bravest of our citizens to decry the immorality of these groups.

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Blowing up citizens and luring in same sex partners to engage in a perverted relationship are as hateful as it gets, decrying such behavior is not hateful – it is responsible, reasonable and Godly.

We have lived under the polluted and corrupt influence of a strong satanically inspired brand of falsehood called political correctness for so long that we have arrived at the point where whatever is now accepted socially is declared moral.

God strictly warns us that this is a major and ultimately deadly mistake, to wit:

 “And he said unto them, Ye are they which justify yourselves before men; but God knoweth your hearts: for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God.” (Lu 16: 15)

If the consensus of the crowd could justify and make any behavior moral then why would God command the following?

 “Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil; neither shalt thou speak in a cause to decline after many to wrest judgment.” (Ex 23: 2)

While up to 87% of Americans claim to be Christian only about 30% are evangelical or Bible believing Christians which means that nearly 91% of American Christians still believe that sodomy, abortion and radical Islam are grossly immoral and will lead to direct conflict with God.

Unless they are woefully ignorant of scripture or are among the failing group of pseudo Christians we refer to as the apostate, they do not believe that acceptance of certain social behaviors changes anything. To God it is still sin and the more collective and pervasive it becomes, the greater the risk to the city, region or the nation.

What is at risk?

In its simplest form, what’s at risk is the favor of God. If we are looking for greatness, a new beginning or a time for national renewal it is at great risk if we ignore these behaviors or try to justify them by classifying them merely as “social issues.”

What is now only disappointing can quickly become dangerous.

It is already disappointing to see Vice President Pence, a professing Christian cheering Mr. Trumps stand on LGBT rights as a lack of prejudice. More accurately it is a lack of spiritual discernment and a firm foundation in scripture that is driving the President.

In a piece published at Americans for Truth Peter LaBarbera quotes the VP who responded to questions about why Trump left an Obama executive order in place that protects the excesses of the LGBT and virtually assures that they may continue to harass churches and Christians with opposing views and those who cannot oppose their strong biblical beliefs or their own conscience.

Pence said, “I think throughout the campaign, President Trump made it clear that discrimination would have no place in our administration. I mean, he was the very first Republican nominee to mention the LGBTQ community at our Republican National Convention and was applauded for it. And I was there applauding with him.

I think the generosity of his spirit, recognizing that in the patriot’s heart, there’s no room for prejudice is part of who this president is.”

Pointing out the immorality of something God declares is an abomination can never be described as – prejudice. It can only be described as political correctness, haven’t we had enough of that for the last eight years?

What escapes the altered morality of the perverts is that it takes a perverted mind to accept an entirely perverted lifestyle. That perversion shows up on every level. It is always Satan’s way to invert the simple truths of God to feed the minds of his own. They conclude that Christians who declare that sodomy is perversion are loveless, judgmental haters.

In reality, they hate God for declaring that their behavior is sin and they hate the Christians for believing God.

Christians love God enough to believe him and they love the sodomites enough to tell them what could save them from eternal judgment at the hands of a Holy God.

The cat is out of the bag! The sodomites are the real haters.

After Trump’s awe inspiring address to The Congress I thought I was the only person in the nation who noticed that the president didn’t mention a single moral issue in his entire speech. I waited and watched to see if conservative media or web outlets would catch that obvious omission. To date I have found only one.

CNS News published an article by Bill Donahue on March 1, 2017 entitled, “Trump Mute on Moral Issues,” if there were others I failed to find them to date.

Donahue, who is President and CEO of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, summarized his piece with a scathing, but reasonable rebuke to the stark silence of the president.

Donahue said, “The problem with Trump’s speech is that it only spoke about missiles and markets, never citing morality. This is popular with many Republicans, whose only goals are making money and protecting national security. But without demonstrating a concern for the moral order, the two “M’s” of missiles and markets are an insufficient condition of the good society: the third “M,” morality, must be added if success is to be achieved.”

It is not criticism that threatens Mr. Trump’s success, but rather it is the extreme error of mistakenly allowing political correctness to place protections on evil behaviors in the name of social justice and non-discrimination.

Abortion, sodomy and perversions of all kinds are not social issues they are demonically inspired antichrist digressions meant to devolve nations and the best laid plans of mice and men into a heap of fully rotting deception and depravity.

Many writers have used the word reprieve when describing the spiraling success of Donald Trump in both his campaign and his first 50 days in office. Some of us would prefer to use the word renewal because we don’t want it to be a temporary fix.

To see a continued renewal we must rush to learn the difference between social issues and gross immorality. They are not, nor can they ever be the same.

Michael Bresciani is the editor of American since 2005. The website features the articles and reports of Rev Bresciani along with some of America’s best writers and journalists, news and reviews that have earned the site the title of – The Website for Insight. Millions have read his timely reports and articles in online journals and print publications across the nation and the globe. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook

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Michael Bresciani

Michael Bresciani is the editor of American since 2005. The website features the articles and reports of Rev Bresciani along with some of America’s best writers and journalists, news and reviews that have earned the site the title of - The Website for Insight. Millions have read his timely reports and articles in online journals and print publications across the nation and the globe. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook


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